Office of Personnel Management report on degree mills

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    Unexpectedly, OPM has issued its own report, quite possibly to get something into print before the General Accounting Office degree mill report, due in a few weeks.

    The OPM report identifies half a dozen rather low-level people (by job title) with fake degrees. The Washington gossip is that the GAO report will identify quite a large number of people at very high levels.

    So what's going on here? Beats me.

    Link to article in Government Computer News:

    Start of article:
    OPM unveils diploma mill abuses and outlines policy changes
    By Wilson P. Dizard III, GCN Staff

    The Office of Personnel Management has told agency heads it has identified
    several federal employees who claimed to have undergraduate and graduate
    degrees but had obtained their credentials from diploma mills.

    OPM director Kay Coles James said in a memorandum late yesterday that her
    agency plans new measures to curb diploma mill abuses, such as hiring
    additional staff at the Center for Federal Investigative Services. The
    center conducts and adjudicates background checks and advises agencies’
    human resources officials on credential checks.
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    (un)subtle hint to those in GAO report to fess up before hand and go stand in the corner for an hour?
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    looks like a political answer to me....
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