NWCULAW enrollment process. i have questions!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by capellevaughn, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. capellevaughn

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    Hi everyone! This is first time I'm posting here and I must say that reading a lot of these discussions have been helpful when choosing an internet law program. basically, I'm just testing out the waters to see if the study of law is right for me. I'm very excited to have chosen nwculaw. so excited in fact that I'm anxiously awaiting them to get back to me about when i can start my studies.

    monday afternoon 11/7 i sent off my enrollment docs and all the payment plan checks they told me to send. it's tuesday 11/15 and I haven't heard back. of course i should take into account how long mail takes and checks clearing. but of course im a worry wort and wondering if something is up. they haven't yet cashed the immediate payment of 807.50 that i sent them. how long did you have to wait till they got back to you?
  2. sideman

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    It's been awhile but if I remember correctly it took about 2 weeks give or take to get all the enrollment process secured and into their system. If you haven't received communication from them after that amount of time give them a call. I always found them to be helpful by phone or e-mail. Good luck with your studies.
  3. opie58

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    Call them. I did awhile back & they were helpful & informative. I was told they send off the checks on either the 1st & 15th of each month depending on the date of the check. If you want to start classes on a specific date, you need to call them & let them know so their records reflect accordingly. This is for them to inform the State Bar of your status & it can be computed for which Baby Bar test you first qualify for (the 48-52 week window).
  4. capellevaughn

    capellevaughn New Member


    hey guys thanks for being so helpful, it's wonderful to have people respond so quick. today i saw that my 807.50 check has been cashed. This is great. however, i haven't yet received any sort of information to access blackboard or lexis nexis. I'm hoping they'll send me all that good stuff soon.
  5. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    My Lexis Nexis password came when I received my 1L student package. You should get your password for Blackboard by e-mail.

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