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    where can i do all my nursing prerequisites online, with an accredited college that will easily transfer to another college, also with out having to apply to the school. i have been looking for this information for quite sometime and can not find it, can anyone help me with this, thank you in advance.
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    Both will offer everything. UNE might look more expensive, but EVERYTHING is included (books/labs) and it is self paced. They are all 300 level. No application, you can start tonight. Ocean is cheaper, but labs and books are VERY expensive, making the cost of either equal. These are 100/200 level. I applied, but it took 2 seconds- they are open enrollment. Down side- you are locked into semesters, and spring has already started. You're next soonest time is summer, but ocean offers short 5 week summer sessions. My microbiology w/lab was taken this way, and it was fine.
    I like both schools very much, did my nursing prereqs at Ocean and started premeds at UNE. FWIW, I found out about both schools through AllNurses forum, you should check them out, they are an excellent resource for all things nursing. Good luck!

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