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    I didn't see a previous thread discussing the National University College in Puerto Rico.

    They offer online programs in allied health, business, criminal justice, education, I.T., and nursing. The degree levels include associate, bachelor's, and master's. The school is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Ed. It has many campuses in PR.

    Although it is a for-profit school (the largest one in PR), the tuition is very affordable for PR and Caribbean students. Undergrad - $175/credit versus $320 (international, including the U.S.) and Grad - $195/credit versus $320 (international).
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    * Eligible US military students enrolled in fully on-line education programs (graduate) qualify for a discounted tuition rate of $300.00 per credit subject to comply with the documents required in the admissions process in accordance with the tuition and fees schedule disclosed in the current institutional catalog.

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