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    Something I thought I would pass along. Good school, great director, however - a little costly.

    ~ from email ~
    Online Master of Science in Information Assurance – Four new degree customizations

    In order to provide students with the opportunity to tailor their education to their own professional goals, Norwich University is introducing four customizations available to incoming March 2006 MSIA students. These include Emergency Management, Business Continuity Planning, Computer Emergency Response Teams, and Digital Investigations.

    For additional information on these exciting new Master of Science in Information Assurance customizations, please call me at 1-800-460-5597 x3241 or e-mail [email protected]

    Master of Science in Information Assurance - Emergency Management
    The Emergency Management customization prepares the student to enter the emergency management field in either the private or public realm by providing an understanding of the principles of emergency management. Students choosing this customization will develop an emergency management plan for their organization, or another suitable organization, to gain experience in the field. The course will also prepare students for the Certified Emergency Manager examination administered by the International Association of Emergency Managers, the most widely respected certification in the field.

    Master of Science in Information Assurance - Business Continuity Planning
    The goal of this customization is to develop methods to continue operations in the face of both everyday and large-scale incidents. The field also looks at issues specific to organizations, such as public relations during an incident, working with authorities on an investigation, and replacing workers. Like emergency management, business continuity planning begins with a risk assessment and mitigation plan, but threats are examined in terms of impact on an organization’s bottom line.

    Master of Science in Information Assurance - Digital Investigations
    The Digital Investigation customization is an in-depth study of digital incidents such as electronic fraud, cyber crime and cyber terror. Topics include types and characteristics of digital incidents; management of digital evidence; investigative techniques; differences between digital investigation and traditional investigation; investigative and forensic tools and techniques, computer, network and software forensics; human factors in digital crime; and presenting conclusions. The customization applies the framework suggested by the Digital Forensics Research Workshop comprising Identification, Preservation, Collection, Examination, Analysis, and Presentation.

    Master of Science in Information Assurance - Computer Emergency Response Teams This customization will summarize the key points in creating and managing a computer incident response team (CIRT), also sometimes known as a computer emergency response team (CERT). You will explore the following major topic areas; creating the CIRT, responding to computer emergencies, managing the CIRT, and improving the process continuously.

    The Admissions Committee handpicks only exceptional professionals with outstanding academic performance and a proven professional track record. Our rigorous standards (along with outstanding personal and technical support teams) help us maintain one of the highest program completion rates in the country and one of the highest forms of accreditation a university can attain.

    If you require additional information, wish to schedule your pre-application interview or begin the application process, please call me at 1-800-460-5597 x3241 or e-mail
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    Norwich Enrollment Counselors Grade- "F"

    Norwich is an awesome school...however, my experience with their counselor's has been terrible...They are pushy and very arrogant. At one point I tried to get more info, but the counselor told me: "We've been through this a thousand times. Our program is the best and if you want me to continue to talk to you about it, apply and give us Fifty dollars!" I told her to forget about it and I moved on. But I guess I'm still part of her phone list because I get a call every semester. Well this time around I did call back and received the same arrogant treatment...This time she said, "Are you ready to pay the application fee?". I said yes because truly thought that's where I wanted to go to school. Then she added..."Well after you pay, send me your resume because you may not be good enough for our program since we don't want people who can't make up their minds." I never and will never talk to that person again! I'm sure the program is great, but if I'm going to pay that kind of money (Over $26K), I better get treated with respect up front.

    With that I found two other online programs that's NSA approved. Capitol College and UMUC's cert program. I decided to go with UMUC's cert program then possibly work on the MSIT or MSCSM. Much cheaper and the directors for both programs are well respected like Norwich, but the enrollement counselors were not argumentative and didn't treat you like you were garbage. Just my thoughts...

    -Magnum Sends
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    Perhaps that's your own experience with that pushy councilor. Just to rectify the record and provide a counter-opinion, I just talked to a counselor about their MA in Diplomacy, and he was most helpful and knowledgeable. I didn't even have to request an interview. I wanted to just download the brochure but decided to give my correct info (in case I decide to go there) instead of some fake stuff. On monday I get a call from them.
    Anyway, experiences are like elbows.....:)
    You should have complained to someone about that advisor.

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