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    On another newsgroup, [email protected] asked about Northwestern International University

    They are described on page 225 of the 14th edition of Bears' Guide, as an institution allegedly based in Denmark, with its corporate registration in Cyprus, a country apparently with no regulations whatever to prevent this sort of thing. (The biggest diploma mill on earth, originally known as the University of San Moritz, does its banking and financial stuff on Cyprus.)

    The fact that the degrees are offered for under $400, and that the accrediting agency is owned by the university, suggests that this institution is way up there in the non-wonderful pantheon.

    Almost all the listed faculty are claimed to be professors in various Russian universities.

    If a forum reader in Denmark would let us know what is to be found at Lautruphoj 1-3, in Ballerup, that would be extremely useful information, indeed.

    John Bear
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    I know an individual who has an earned RA BA and MA, who then "acquired" a Ph.D. from Northwestern International University, LTD.
    I think the cost was, iirc, $295.00.

    Quite a bargain for an embossed 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper, oops, I mean diploma.


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    Dr John,
    Thank you very much for your very informative response.

    Good luck with the latest edition of your guide.




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