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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by CavTrooper, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. CavTrooper

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    Hi good folks,
    Not sure if anyone already started a thread pertaining to Northeastern's DLP program. It looks like a few visits to campus are required, but the majority of the degree can be completed via distance learning. Furthermore, all coursework is completed within two years, and I believe the dissertation is written in conjunction with the coursework, meaning the degree is conferred after two years. The information is located here:

    I'm still working on my MA in Public Policy, and won't be pursuing doctoral studies anytime soon, or probably at all, due to the unbelievable commitment involved. However, I was wondering if some of our resident PhD, DBA, or Ed.D types could weigh in on this degree and let me know what you think. If I personally pursued this degree it would simply be to bolster and enhance my expertise in Public Policy and expand my credentials in the field. I plan to work in policy analysis and possibly do some authoring and eventually run for public office.
  2. ITJD

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    Might be a good idea if you used the search function before posting. You are after all looking to do research in the near future.
  3. AV8R

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    That Northeastern University program is crazy-expensive at $65,000 for two years of tuition.

    Have you considered the DPA program offered by Valdosta State University? I think it's under $20k for the entire program.
  4. JBjunior

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    A few visits to the campus isn't accurate unless you mean 24. "The LP.D. program is structured so coursework and the doctoral thesis are completed in two years without interrupting life and career. Classes meet one weekend per month in Boston, and the learning continues online throughout the rest of the month."

    I wonder what is involved in the "doctoral thesis" as well when it is completed at the same time as the coursework, within 02 years.
  5. CavTrooper

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    Wow the Valdosta State U program does look like quite an affordable option. Awesome.

    And yes, the more I discover/read about the Northeastern DLP program I realize it doesn't fit many of the parameters sought by folks in this forum; it's hardly a "distance" program, and it's extremely expensive. The only reason I considered it is because I have the GI bill, and the program is, from what I understand, covered under the Yellow Ribbon Program, making it affordable for me. However, I digress, as the other aspects of the program make it not only outside my current grasp, but also incompatible with the "distance learning" model of education sought by most of us in this forum.

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