NorthCentral University (NCU) Title IV scam

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  1. sg100x

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    If you were involved in the title IV debacle at NorthCentral University (NCU) and they are trying to collect money from you for the semester that your financial aid money was delivered to NCU in your name, interest is being taken to form a class-action suit on behalf of NCU title IV students.

    The question is... how many students has NCU defrauded and since it is distance how could these students be reached.
  2. simon

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    We have seen previous discussions regarding NCU no longer paticipating in title IV funding. However, can you elaborate the specific redress you are seeking from NCU?
  3. ChiefMike

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    I participated in the Title IV program at NCU. I was dissapointed that I had to locate other forms of financing me degree, however, all monies that were to be returned to the bank were returned. I am very happy with their program. In addition, NCU credited to my account the entire cost of one class for the trouble. That seemed quite fair to me.

    I am not interested in jumping on board any kind of law suit.

    Mike McConnell
  4. sulla

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    Just curious, but could you tell us how long you've been at NCU? Thanks.

  5. BinkWile

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    And your proof is???
  6. simon

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    Don't waste your time. Sg10x appears to be a provocateur who is attempting to roil others for G-d knows what ulterior motives. In fact when asked to elaborate as to exactly what redress he is seeking there was no response. End of story.

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