Northcentral University is Relocating

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  1. NorCal

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    We would need another thread to discuss all the issues in California. I would touch on many of the points already made, but I won't beyond this post so I don't hijack the thread.


    Now we'll return to your regularly scheduled program: Northcentral University is Relocating . . .
  2. Lerner

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    You bring good point.

    North Central University name will contradict with the location.

    Maybe they are going to modify the name as well?
  3. basrsu

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    Exactly. It probably goes without saying that the name will have to change. That could probably be the subject of a whole other thread. :)
  4. Delta

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    Northcentral University was founded in 1996 by Dr. Donald Hecht.[5] In 1978 Hecht had established California Southern University, formerly known as Southern California University for Professional Studies (SCUPS).[6]:"
    Retrieved from:
    Northcentral University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So there is the California connection.
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  5. CalDog

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    There are currently three accredited schools in the US with "north" and "central" in their names:

    - North Central College, a B&M school in Naperville, Illinois
    - North Central University, a B&M school in Minneapolis
    - Northcentral University, a DL school currently in Prescott, Arizona

    If the name is generic enough to work in Illinois or Minnesota or Arizona, it would probably work in California as well -- especially for a DL school.
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  6. basrsu

    basrsu Member

    Yes, except for one major difference: All the Northcentrals you list refer to the locations within their respective states (even Northcentral University in the north central part of Arizona, Prescott Valley).
  7. CalDog

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    Take a look at a map of Minnesota. Is Minneapolis -- home of North Central University -- really located in the north central part of the state ? And it's not like the university is in the north central part of Minneapolis either -- it's on South Elliot Street.

    I just don't think anyone will be too concerned about the geographic accuracy of the name -- just as nobody cares that Wake Forest University is now 100 miles away from its original home in Wake Forest, NC. But who knows -- maybe NCU will relocate to north central San Diego.
  8. managerial0550

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    name isn't gonna change..just an fyi

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