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    (Accreditation of Prior Learning) This one-year programme has been designed for Senior Managers who have high levels of experience across all core management disciplines. Successful applicants to the Senior Manager MBA are able to progress to the MBA awarded by the University of Action Learning at Boulder, Colorado through the accreditation of prior learning (APEL). Candidates need not already have a Diploma in Management Studies or equivalent, but must be able to demonstrate eight years or more of senior management experience including understanding of the core managerial disciplines of Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Information and Marketing Strategy.

    Applicants will be required to demonstrate the range and depth of their management experience in a 3,000 word APEL assignment together with a supporting portfolio of evidence of their understanding. Candidates will also produce a learning plan based on the APEL assignment which will form the basis of the Evaluation of Managerial Learning to be produced before graduation.
    The qualification will take you 12 months to complete. This equates to between 7 hours and 14 hours per week.

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