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  1. J. Ayers

    J. Ayers New Member

    Good morning!

    A relative is looking for a graduate certificate or master's degree with an emphasis in non-profit management. A US-based program would be preferred, and a certificate that could be applied to a master's degree would be a plus.

    Old threads on this site indicated only a few offerings in this field. Regis University appears to be an excellent possibility (see on the web), while UMUC is less attractive since it is more expensive and the coursework seems more generic. The only thing that worries me about Regis is the publicity surrounding St. Regis, and I am curious what the board members think of this issue.

    In searching the web, I noticed that there are a number of continuing education or not-for-credit certificate programs out there (e.g., University of Illinois at Chicago), but my relative is looking for a for-credit academic program.

    Are there any other programs out there in non-profit management or administration?

    Thanks for your help!


    J. Ayers
  2. -kevin-

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  3. Ted Heiks

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    (1) Anyone familiar with academia would automatically know the difference between Regis University, a very well-regarded Catholic school in Denver, Colorado, and St. Regis University, the Liberian degree mill.

    (2) A quick run-down of the index of Bears' Guide reveals:

    Capella University
    Hope International University
    University of Maryland
    University of New England
    Oral Roberts University
    Regis University
  4. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    Often listed as Public Administration

    Kent State
    American Public University System
    Florida Gulf Coast University
    Florida Institute of Technology
    Indiana State University
    Mississippi State University
    Northern Arizona University
    Park University
    Regent University
    Seton Hall University
    Strayer University
    Troy University
    University of IllinoisThe University of Montana–Missoula
    The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
    The University of Texas System
    University of Wyoming
    Utah State University
    Walden University
    Andrew Jackson University
    Jacksonville State University
    Royal Roads University
    University of Alaska Southeast
    University of Baltimore
    University of Management and Technology
    University of Nebraska at Omaha
    University of North Dakota
    The University of Texas at Arlington
    University of West Florida
  5. Jack Tracey

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    I've got two on my list.
    Hope International University
    Regis University
    Both are good RA schools. Neither is inexpensive.
    Good luck,
  6. Marylars

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    The Regis program is one of the better known non-profit programs in the country and is very highly regarded in the non-profit world. It would be an excellent choice!
  7. J. Ayers

    J. Ayers New Member

    Good evening!

    Thanks, everyone, for all of the great ideas, comments, and suggestions! I will pass them on, and hopefully we will see another student on the D/L trail...


    J. Ayers

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