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    I thought I share this. It sounded interesting.
    It's not DL. But if I'm reading the website correctly, it's a cross college campus program.
    Entry into the MBBS program is a degree, 2nd uppers, and MCAT.

    University of Nicosia Medical School | University of Nicosia

    4 year MBBS program that's conferred by St George, U of London.
    It's like $27k Euros a year.

    Study in Cyprus but get a degree from UOL ?

    Will the MBBS be recognized in the US for practice?


    Seems like an alternate route to becoming a Doctor for someone who really wants to enter Med school.
  2. Graves

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    "All medical schools within the United States must be accredited by one of two organizations. The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), jointly administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association, accredits M.D. schools,[12] while the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation of the American Osteopathic Association accredits osteopathic (D.O.) schools. There are presently 141 M.D. programs[13] and 29 D.O. programs[14] in the United States.

    Accreditation is required for a school's students to receive federal loans. Additionally, schools must be accredited to receive federal funding for medical education.[15] The M.D. and D.O. are the only medical degrees offered in the United States which are listed in the WHO/IMED list of medical schools."

    Medical school accreditation is pretty stringent. There are cases where alternative accreditation is accepted, but different countries have their own medical model. UK medical schools start at the undergraduate level, so it may be very difficult to switch countries. Not to say it isn't possible, but it is not an easy case of equivalency.
    US vs UK medical schools | Student Doctor Network
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    The State of California maintains a list of acceptable foreign medical schools (which is used by some other states too). No schools in Cyprus are on the list, but U of London, St. George is. So if the degree is awarded by U of London, St. George, it is probably acceptable.

    However, before you can actually practice medicine, you also need residency experience -- in addition to the degree. Residencies are competitive. If you are from the US, this program probably can't place you in a US residency, and it may not be able to place you in a UK residency either:

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    wow! Looks like practicing medicine seems tough D:
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    If you are an American or Canadian who can't get into a traditional medical school, there are many island-based "offshore medical schools" in the Caribbean which are much closer to home and which know how to place students in US or Canadian residencies. Some of these may be questionable, but others have been around for years and are generally accepted. So if you are North American and are looking to attend medical school on a warm little island overseas, you probably want to check out the Caribbean -- not the Mediterranean.
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    “Students who complete the MBBS4 (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) programme in Nicosia will earn a degree from St George's, the first UK medical school to introduce a medical degree for graduates of all disciplines. This award is not a UK primary medical qualification and does not lead to a (provisional) registration in the UK. Graduates of the Cyprus programme will initially be registered with the Cyprus Medical Council after which they can apply to transfer their registration in any of the EU member states. International (non-EU) graduates will have to follow the registration process for their respective medical registration authorities.”

    St George

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