No Test center in my country. Any other options ?

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  1. nyvrem

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    Hello !

    Have a friend who wants to take DSST and CLEP test for credits. I'm located in Singapore, and I've found a place that administers DSST, but checking from the CLEP website, there's no center in Singapore that offers testing.

    Is there any other options available to take CLEP test ?
    Like a 3rd party company that can administer the test online using proctor U or something ?

    Thank you.
  2. sanantone

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    No. CLEPs are only offered at official test centers. Straighterline (uses ProctorU) and Uexcel (if you have any Pearson test centers nearby) are other options. TECEPs can be taken with ProctorU, but for some reason, TESC says they can't administer them online internationally. However, people outside of the U.S. have taken them on paper with traditional proctors like a library or university test center.
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  3. NYC777MIA

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    I actually have to travel to the Bahamas to CLEP some tests. I would recommend checking Countries that are close to Singapour, where he could take the tests.

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