No more out of state discounts at New Mexico Colleges???

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by rebel100, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. rebel100

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    I have been working with a couple of people to reduce their undergrad costs and have been recommending Luna CC in New Mexico because they offered in state rates for up to 6 the Clovis and NMJC deals. But today I received word from the Admissions Director at Luna stating that the New Mexico Legislature has eliminated the discount.

    Can anyone confirm? How about the programs at WNMU and ENMU?

    Here is the mail that was received:

    "Hi Mike,

    Larry send me your email. The tuition cost was recently changed due to the New Mexico Legislature , there is no longer lower tuition for students taking 6 hours or less. The cost for out of state students is $91.00 per credit unit. If a student applies for Non-degree/certificate status the will receive credit for the completed course. A placement exam is still needed for a Non-degree/non certificate courses.

    Director of Admissions."
  2. Ian Anderson

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    Still a good price compared to most other schools.
  3. Paidagogos

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    I just paid for a grad semester at WNMU and it was still at the discounted rate for 6 hours or less. If you take more than 6 hours though, the price climbs up pretty wildly.

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