Newburgh Seminary: Accelerated D.Min.

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    Comments peripherally related to DL

    Per the website,

    Accelerated Doctor of Ministry program:

    1. 2 courses prior to seminar.
    2. 2 day seminar
    3. Degree will be awarded at the end of the seminar, if all work has been completed.
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    Why do I have the funny feeling that this outfit is either a disguised spinoff of Trinity or, more likely and yet more awfully, an attempt to rope in students who can then say "I went to Newburgh" and have people think they went to Trinity. Newburgh ain't exactly the center of the universe, and it's a bit strange that two siminerries should wind up there.:rolleyes:
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    Take a look at the faculty. For the most part, they all seem to have legit degrees. Wonder if there is a relation.

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    Sorry, I meant to say that the faculty have legit degrees. Don't know if that came across wrong or not.

    One other thing, at least they don't claim accredidation from some another country like other schools do. :D

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    Yes, but the amount of work required for the Demon is scarcely commensurate with accredited or responsible non-accredited seminaries. It sounds like Kennedy Western for clerics.
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    Everyman does what is right in his own eyes , and
    the slope is very slippery. Seminary doctoral professors teach without real doctorates in doctoral programs. Doctoral research is done with Strongs.
    Textual criticism, Hebrew and Greek grammatics, and word meanings are all irrelevant. Except in some cases a token of 6 units in each language is required. This token probably is done to better make apologetics for the inerrancy of the KJV and not done to base dissertation research on the Biblical languages. Six units of Greek does not an exegete make. To learn exegesis in the originals requires courses in exegesis in the originals. But why if the KJV is inerrant?
    Scores of PhDs walk the stage in ceremony who are not academically qualified to teach a MA course in the eyes of TRACS and who are not qualified in the eyes of ATS to enter even a ThM program of study. After barely working up a sweat, they salute each other with a "" while others still labor in the throes of rigor. So, let's follow Newburgh down the slope ; the two day DMin wonders just do what is right in their own eyes.
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    The following comments are related to degrees in practical theology only.

    A requirement of 6 token units in each language is more than some South African GAAP programs require. One may be admitted to PUCHE's PhD in practical theology, based on an MA in the same. Although it is encouraged, exegesis in the original languages is not a requirement at either level. So, one may earn both the MA and PhD in practical theology from a 160 year old GAAP institution without utilizing even minimal linguistic research/documentation.

    Also, several US RA/ATS MDiv programs may be earned without language requirements of any kind. Of course, it may be helpful if one can correctly spell the terms Greek and Hebrew. ;)

    This in no way demeans the language requirement for many theological/religious degree programs. For many areas of emphasis exegesis in the original languages is critical. However, this is not the case in all programs. Neither RA or ATS mandate such in every program.

    Of course, none of this has any relation to Newburgh. Merely musing.
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    One should engage PUCHE, other GAAP schools, as well as RA/ATS standards, regarding some of their approved MA's, MDiv's, DMin's and PhD's which require no exegesis. No one has said, well, certainly not I, that language use is unimportant. Only that for some programs it isn't required.
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    I am not saying all dissertations in Practical Theology need to use the original languages. It is only those dissertations which much touch or firmly rest on Scripture for their points which must, IMO.

    If my dissertation has nothing to say about what Scripture says, then I need not use Scripture. But if I at the doctoral level to any extent use Scripture to make my points then, IMO, those points need to be based on exegetics.

    To write a doctoral dissertation on the meaning of the American Constitution for Americans should require that the points be based on the English not on a Greek translation of the Constitution. But to write a dissertation in Practical Theology on The Elder's Relation To 'Te Dicache' (The Teaching) in the Pastoral Letters requires that points be made from the Greek text and not be just based only on the English.

    My claim is that doctoral work which is partly based on Scripture should be done with a rigor that includes exegesis. If it is not, then premises made in the dissertation or even in courses leading to that writing are subject to much criticism at the level of the original languages.

    If any can refute that claim, then I'd enjoy that discussion here and now.
    I'd wecome a prof from PUCHE or wherever to engage in that discussion.

    The point should be to do whatever is required by a good hermeneutic to grasp the text not just do whatever is required by a GAAP school to get the degree.
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    I fully concur with the above thesis, Bill, which was/is the intent of my previous comments. Beyond this initital thesis, opinions/requirements will vary (between schools, professors, students, etc.) in terms of exegesis, e.g., how much, any at all, much, minimal, etc. One could argue these details ad infinitum, something I care not to do. But I fully agree with your above stated position.
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    Well, since you are so very agreeable today, I've been wanting to bring up the matter of freewill and predestination:D

    I know you will appreciate this: Two days ago I was in a dissertation frenzy. I could not decide which view to defend: That in Christ are two distinct centers of consciousness and energy or just one. Finally I saw what, to me, is right the my note below my name indicates. The next two days at work I walked on air and still do.

    I would rather lose an eye or an arm or a leg or just about anything rather than blotch this dissertation and fail. Course, the older I get the less important these things are to me anyway. But this writing really is my life just now. Maybe I won't get it all correct as these are "mysteries", but I'll do my best . Doing that brings me much pleasure. For,

    Michael Jackson has his "Jesus juice" and I have mine!:rolleyes:
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    Ag shame, oxpecker, since the merger they're using the Nuwe Vertaling.
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    Perhaps I have been predestined to tell you something. I have all confidence you will not blotch your dissertation or fail.
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    The need for original languages....

    The need for the knowledge of original biblical languages should be obvious. Any translation of those sacred texts into our own modern dialects has to by process of translation involve the translator's own interpretation of what that portion of text really means...or in other words you can't just translate word for word, but rather meaning for meaning....

    Case in point: my wife is English (and after 7 years of marriage, I possess a much greater appreciation for our Revolutionary War). Now when she speaks, I understand every single word...but when she uses a phrase like "and Bob's your uncle" - I do not comprehend the meaning until she explains that it basically means "there you have it".

    I firmly believe that a true understanding can only come through a knowledge of the original biblical languages, and as such I believe that once every denomination has scholars that understand how to conduct a proper exegesis of the Word, that we will all come to the exact same conclusion as to what the Bible really says....hold on a minute, don't all denominations already have scholars who can conduct a proper exegesis of the Bible? Then how can we have so many different beliefs? What's going on here? Is a knowledge of the original greek and hebrew really crucial to the whole exegetical process? Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone?

    And Bob's your uncle.

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    Re: The need for original languages....

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