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    I've been doing research on degrees via testing, and recently read through the "BA in 4 weeks" site. I'm about to matriculate with Charter Oak but one thing I am not clear on is practice tests. On the "BA in 4 weeks" site it mentions some books you can use to study for different topics and it mentions "sit mock test", to assure you score a certain percentage or higher, before taking the REAL test.

    I am not clear on where you can get mock tests for each subject? Like if you decide to use Cliff's notes or a book to prepare for a history CLEP test, then where can you take a mock test to prepare yourself to see if you are ready? The "BA in 4 weeks" site mentions sitting for a mock test as part of the normal routine for any test you plan to take, I'm just not sure where I would find them. I wanted to get a clear idea before I matriculate so I don't find myself stranded later!

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    The Official CLEP Guide has mini practice exams to gauge your progress before taking the tests. The test booklet companies also sell guides to the exams that include practice tests. The DANTES exam guides are downloadable at (scroll down to the bottom of the page) as well as in a booklet sold at that site. Excelsior College exam books are sold from the Excelsior site:

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