New Schools for Bears' Guide? Request for advice!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Mariah_Bear, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Northcentral is another school that should be added to the list. Thanks.
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    Like another poster, I would strongly suggest you add Western Governor's University, but for a different reason.

    Your Dad has mentioned in the past that he has gotten letters from students looking to further their education but have had problems getting their DETC degrees accepted. Western Governor's University is fully RA but they do accept completed DETC degrees. Since your books focus on distance education, including this distance education RA school that accepts completed DETC degrees 'speaks' to your market. :)

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    Please take a look at these schools


    welcome to the board. Here is a small list of what I believe are some very good schools that are not listed (to my knowledge) in the book or discussed much (except WGU) here on degreeinfo. They are among my personal favorites, and I believe are worth a look.

    Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno

    An excellent school with a good distance program at a fair price.

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    A good Social Science, Bachelor of Arts program offered by a strong and developing state university.

    University of Nebraska at Kearney

    A seldom talked about but quality futher education program for k-12 educators, offered by a reputable state university.

    University of Nebraska, Lincoln

    A really undervalued (IMO), but top notch school offering a decent range of degree programs. The programs with UNL including agraculture and some well respected teacher education programs at both masters and doctoral levels.

    Western Governors University

    A very innovative school, with a faculty that is very dedicated to education and producing highly qualified graduates. The programs are developed on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest standards possible. The school is responsive to student concerns and the price is quite good. (Note: This is my Alma-Mata, hence I am somewhat biased. However, I am more of a fan of WGU today than the day I decided to enroll.)

    Depaul University, School for New Learning

    Depaul is a very old institution and their School for New Learning has a thirty year record of innovation in the field of education. Their Bachelor of Arts program is flexible and can be done at the student's own pace.
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    I always wondered where the recommendations for UKC came from, at least now I know!

    However, as the University of Kent offers no distance learning at all I'd probably not include it in a list of the 100 best degrees by mail and internet.

    I'd also be wary of using the Open University in a book aimed at the US market. It must be so frustrating for a US resident to go to the OU website and discover that courses like the Master's degrees in History, Classics or Mathematics, which are practically unique in DL are for European consumption only.

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    Two More Online Schools

    I have an Ed.S. in instructional technology done entirely online from Valdosta State University in Georgia.

    I also have an online MBA from Morehead State University in Kentucky. It is an AACSB accredited school!
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    Re: Please take a look at these schools

    Except WGU does not allow internatinal admissions. I'm in Canada and they denied me admission without even looking at my application. It's not like I live on the Antarctic ... what's the point of having a DL university that does not allow international admissions?
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    Re: Please take a look at these schools

    Not sure if the intended audience for the book includes folks looking for an associate degree. Also not sure how the authors view DETC accreditation. It appears that are some DETC-only schools listed in the current edition.

    Depending on these things, I would consider adding Thomson Education Direct ( and Ashworth College/PCDI ( Both offer inexpensive associate degrees and offer gateways to bachelor's programs that accept DETC credits. And "most" Education Direct courses have received ACE evaluations and therefore can be transferred to some additional RA programs.
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    Re: Re: Please take a look at these schools

    WGU was specifically created and funded to supply technology, business, and teaching graduates for the western states. It would seem admiting students from other countries would not advance that goal. Now that the situation has changed (little shortage in the first two areas) and WGU is a little more mature it may be time for them revist their goals.
  10. intro2life

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    all the schools I’ve listed are regionally accredited. WGU is accredited by four regional accreditors recognized by CHEA and the U.S. Dept. of Ed., as well as DETC.


    I agree with you to some extent. I believe WGU should research new “high need” fields of study, and expand to offer programs to fill those needs. This would be aligned and in keeping with the spirit of its roots.
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    Florida State

    I have to recommend my school, Florida State, for their growing number of Online Degree programs:

    Undergraduate Programs include
    Computer Science
    Information Science
    Social Science

    Graduate Programs at the Masters level include:
    Adult Education
    Business Administration
    Communication Disorders
    Educational Leadership
    Information Studies
    Instructional Systems
    Insurance/Risk Management
    Mathematics Education
    Science Education
    Social Work

    Mark Holtzclaw, MSW, MPA
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    Ox already mentioned one of these (California), but here is the list from the Keystone University Network.

    Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
    - Master of Business Administration
    - Master of Science in Instructional Technology
    California University of Pennsylvania
    - MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion
    - Master of Education Administrative Program for Principals
    - Master of Science in Legal Studies:Law & Public Policy
    Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
    Clarion University of Pennsylvania
    - Associate of Arts: Arts and Sciences through the e-University of Western Pennsylvania
    - Master of Science in Library Science (One of the few DL ALA programs)
    - Master of Science in Nursing
    - Master of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences
    - RN to BSN Program Clarion University
    East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
    - Master of Education Degree: Reading
    - Master of Education Degree Middle and Secondary Instruction Behavior Management Certificate
    - Online Special Education M.Ed. Program
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
    Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
    - Associate of Science: Nursing
    - Master of Education Alternative Education
    - Master of Education in Teaching and Learning
    - Master of Health Science in Physician Assistant Studies
    Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
    - Bachelor of Arts - Art History
    - Master of Education in School Library and Information
    - Master of Education - Art Education
    - Master of Science in Nursing Education
    Millersville University of Pennsylvania
    - Master of Science in Nursing Education
    Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
    - Masters in Business Administration (AACSB and relatively inexpensive)
    Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
    West Chester University of Pennsylvania
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    East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
    100% online MBA

    This program is very good and is quite a bargain for those who qualify for in-state rates (only $300 per course)
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    Re: DSU

    Hey Delta,

    I graduated from DSU in 1974. It was Delta State College when I enrolled and became DSU in my senior year!
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    Ashworth College offers business and criminal justice master's entirely by correspondence. They are accredited by DETC.
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    Moorehead State University, 100% distance learning and AACSB, and fairly inexpensive. The other school I would recommend you already have listed--Upper Iowa University, I had an excellent, educational experience with them and highly recommend them.

    W Parker
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    I would like to recommend Mountain State University. It really is a good school. I have had a more than pleasant experience with MSU. The entire staff was more than helpful and the wide range of acceptance of credit is as good as any. It is a less known university but not lacking in good folks to work with.
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    I agree that University of London should be on the list. I'd also add American Public University System/American Military University, since it has many programs not available elsewhere. Another good school is Jacksonville State University, which has online programs in GIS and in emergency management.

    I would leave out the following:

    11. California College for Health Sciences
    36. "Guerrilla Marketing" MBA
    53. Open University
    67. Stanford University

    Why would you include CCHS, when there are much better alternatives for the same programs? For example, University of Massachusetts and University of Illinois-Chicago offer more attractive online MPH programs.

    I'm familiar with the term guerilla marketing, but it would seem strange to have a degree from an institution by that name. When I searched online, I found no reference to such a program- why would someone want such an obscure degree when there are numerous distance MBA programs from institutions with at least some name recognition? (Those in the business field can correct me, if this program is actually very well known and respected.)

    Open University offers some great programs, but most of them are not available to Americans.

    The distance programs I've seen from Stanford are extremely expensive.

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    At the time of that edition's publication, John was negotiating with several schools to develop and deliver such a program. It would have the approval of, and (some) involvement by, Jay Conrad Levinson. The matter was not settled, however, and remains such.

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