New poll shows majority of Americans don't support election reforms like Dems' For The People Act

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Jun 18, 2021.

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    Why on Earth did you expect anyone to take this seriously?
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    Strange, that seems to really differ from the following poll:

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    Granted, the most remarkable confirmation on the popularity and importance of this bill comes from those wild and crazy liberal kids - Mitch McConnell & Charles Koch & gang.

    "...Mitch McConnell expresses frustration with the popularity of the legislation - even among Republican voters."

    "... (Republicans) conceded that the bill would stem the flow of dark money from such political donors as the billionaire oil magnate Charles Koch, was so popular that it wasn't worth trying to mount a public-advocacy campaign to shift opinion. Instead, a senior Koch operative said that opponents would be better off ignoring the will of American voters and try to kill the bill in Congress."
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    The polling question was strange. They didn't even ask the question that Lerner put in the opening post or the question implied in the title of the article. Instead the poll asked "Are you more or less likely to support federal election reform, like HR1, knowing that it includes public funding of political campaigns and ending state voter ID laws?" What is that supposed to mean and why did they only ask this one question and then claim something else in the reporting? The setup to the one question was four questions long? A poll only asking one weirdly worded question!
  6. Vonnegut

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    Read the above New Yorker article... it likely explains...
  7. Bill Huffman

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    I was talking about the poll that Lerner linked to. I couldn't find any New Yorker articles covering that poll. There are apparently a number of polls finding that over 2/3 of voters like the For the People Act. I think the poll that Lerner linked to probably shouldn't be taken seriously as Steve suggests.

    edit: Oh I see you are just saying the same thing I did above. :)
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