New Plan: Columbia College (starting this month!!)

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    :D Well, folks, it looks like I may lose my membership in the Indecisive Club here at Degree Info. I applied, and am starting an undergraduate program at Columbia. College that is (in Missouri, not NY - lol. Have to explain that to everyone at home). I'm majoring in Psychology, at least for now. ;-) Not being indecisive here - more like, what else do I have planned?

    Which brings me to - I'm also looking into a local LPN program. It's a fairly new school w/Initial Approval fr the state. I see that there are a few people posting on All Nurses who graduated & were very pleased w/the program. Going to talk to them next week.

    Back to Columbia - they have four, intense 8 wk sessions - so far, I signed up for Human Biology (which puts me at part time) this next semester. (which starts on Aug 8 & finishes in Oct). As an aside - they have a VERY good system for financial aid, best I've seen so far. You log in & actually see the list of anything that needs to be submitted - you can even have it direct deposited in your bank acct.!! :eek:

    That alone is very impressive to me. I feel like I spent half of each semester fighting for my financial aid at my local CC!

    Now, after talking to the school that has the LPN program, & after I do my research... and if I feel that it won't kill me (har, har - attention: "Old Nurse Walking!!")... and if I get into the program, [lots of if's & and's here - no but's yet. :) ] then I'd be starting in a few months.

    In that case, I'd only do this one semester at Columbia.

    This decision came about after a humiliating, cruel experience fr my landlord. Won't go into it (I'm basically over it, except I will NOT forget it), but I realized if I don't do something, having absolutely no money to spare will always put me at the mercy of someone else, and will only make my security even more shaky as I get older. I say that fully realizing that even nurses are having a tough time getting jobs now.

    Anyway, I'm not sure yet - I intend to do my research. But I'm excited about starting at Columbia (finally!) :cool:

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