New PhD program in Information Sciences

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    San Jose State University in California has started a PhD program in library information science in conjunction with Australia's Queensland University of Technology. The degree is actually awarded by Queensland, but the faculty sponsors are from SJSU.

    The course typically takes six years part-time. It is not a 100% distance learning option. Students would need to be able to meet for a week once in January and once in August of each year of the program. That being said, this is the sort of program that could actually lead to a job.

    For those who do not know, San Jose State has the largest master's program in library information science in the world. This is due primarily to the fact that it also has the most robust distance learning environment for that sort of program. A whole bunch of technology (including utilizing the Second Life environment). For those who don't know, many librarians are techno-geeks!

    You can find information on the program here: SJSU Gateway PhD Program

    Tom Nixon
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    QUT is a very well known university here. If they have anything to do with it, it will not be easy to get that PHD.

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