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    Howdy all,

    I wanted to let you know about a new online program. Fresno Pacific University is getting set to launch a 100% online library media teacher credential program as well as an M.A. in Education (School Library & Information Technology emphasis). The first cohort begins in May 2008 and you typically take one course at a time.

    The credential authorizes you to be a school librarian in California and in other states (but you will want to check with your relevant authority). It is about 30 units.

    The M.A. program includes all of the credential courses in addition to a few graduate level education ones. It offers either a thesis or project option.

    Admission requirements include a teaching credential. At least three years of teaching experience is preferred.

    Fresno Pacific University is a Christian university located in California's Central Valley. Undergraduate students have fairly specific chapel requirements. There are none for graduate students. Questions about the program should be sent to Linda Nero at [email protected].

    Fresno Pacific University

    School Library Media Teacher Credential program

    Master of Arts in Education: School Library & Information Technology

    Tom Nixon

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