New here and could really use some guidance.

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    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Ph.D. International Psychology (full-online or online /blended formats).

    “Students enrolled in our International Psychology doctoral programs participate in two required, international field experiences led by Chicago School faculty…”

    Ph.D. in International Psychology | The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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    (Link deleted)

    It might be helpful if you poke around this (^) website for a while (especially since you aren't sure exactly what sort of doctoral program you'd like to enroll in.
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    Hi nevertoolate. Sorry to delete your link above. We typically don't allow links to competitors on this website, especially when they are posted by new members. I'm sure your post was innocent and well-intentioned, but we are very touchy about spam here. That's one of the reasons this board is such a good resource. Hope you can understand.

    At the top of every page on this site is a search engine that should be useful in finding suitable, quality programs.

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