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    I notice that this school has a BS and a finance MS and a corporate governance MS on offer.

    The accreditation statement says this:

    New England College of Business and Finance (NECB) is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges for the Associate in Science in Business Administration and has received licensure and initial approval for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Master of Science in Finance, and the Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance. NECB is also licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

    The MS price isn't too bad, 10 courses at $975 each (5 week courses). Can those of you in the know about accreditation comment about their status, is there any risk involved with undertaking these programs?
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    The accreditation is fine but I would call the accreditor to verify the initial approval on these particular degrees. If for any reason the approval is revoked or changes are required then the program may not be acceptable or the curriculum will change (although I personally wouldn't worry about it).

    The Bachelors is a good deal at $575 per course.

    The school does not list any additional business accreditation so unless you are just enthused about the program or the school I would probably look elsewhere for a degree with broader utility.

    Otherwise a nice find and addition to the other schools posted here from time to time.

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