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    Hi Folks,

    Long time, no talk.
    I recently attended a workshop at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and I learned about a DL opportunity called WIDE World at the university. They offer professional development courses and services for teachers (primarily K-12, however I believe some of their offerings can encompass other levels of learning.)
    They offer courses on Instructional Strategies, Differentiated Instruction, Multiple Intelligences, and Technology Integration. The good news is that they are reasonably priced. Here is the address:


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    Another programme there

    In addition, their Internet Law centre offers a course (non-degree, but could be added up for a professional/academic credit, according to their site) on cyber law. The course is DL aside from a week in Harvard. The course is open to all interested, not only law students, and I actually intend to participate on the 2005 course if I'll remember (the 2004 was in April...), since I am highly interested in cyberlaw, and even did several projects on the subject (I did mostly on cyber pharmacy law because that was the request from the client, but I am actually interested - as usual - in less practical fields as the social and political implications of cyber law).
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    Re: Another programme there

    Yes, but as you said, the program already happened. Here is the address if anyone is interested:



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