New B&M Online MEd in Home Ec/Human Ecology

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    Just heard about this today.
    It is being offered online through UBC (Vancouver, BC).

    "Are you interested in educational programs that focus on health and nutrition, the environment and sustainability, and related projects such as school gardens?

    UBC’s new M.Ed. in Home Economics with a focus on Human Ecology and Everyday Life is a unique, part-time graduate program for teachers of home economics, human ecology, family studies, and family and consumer science. The online learning environment makes it accessible anywhere in the world.

    The underlying themes of the program include interdisciplinary inquiry, human-environment interactions, local and global communities, ecological sustainability, researching practice, and social responsibility. As a participant, you will have an opportunity to increase your qualifications in
    home economics education and enhance your ability to conduct useful teaching and learning activities, including critical analysis of dominant and alternative theories of learning and teaching in Transformative Practice, Human Ecology and Everyday Life, and analysis of different approaches to curriculum development and implementation and their implications for programs based on ecology and issues of daily life.

    Start Date: September 2011
    Program Length: 2.5 years, part-time
    Application Deadline: Monday, March 28
    Tuition: Payable in 8 installments
    Details: Visit the program website (

    Further Information
    - Contact Dr. Mary Leah de Zwart ([email protected]) at 604-822-8891 for academic information

    - Contact Jenny Williams ([email protected]) at 604-822-1876 (toll-free 1-888-492-1122) for admissions information
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    I would never have guessed that there even existed a Master's degree in home economics. Human Ecology is fascinating. It took me several seconds of thinking ":confused:" before I decided that yes, it is related to Home Economics, although it still feels like a strange Degree/Concentration combination.

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