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    Does anyone have a suggestion for a regionally accredited school that offers a fully distance ed Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering, Network Management, or some other equivalent?

    I've searched through the discussion board and used the "Find a School" link, but it seems like most people here that are interested in IS degrees are looking for Information Systems degree's.

    I currently have ~60 hours or so from local Universities/Colleges that I would attempt to transfer and I have 5+ years experience in the industry as well. I'm looking to obtain some certs and a degree to help me advance.

    I am currently looking into either Capella or Regis University.
    If possible I would like the school to also offer a masters and/or PhD as well.

    I'm also currently most interested in Capella and have talked with some people there, who all seemed friendly so far. But then again most places do when you are offering them money ;-)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. B.N.

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    Hi Jason,

    Check out Fort Hayes State University (FHSU). They offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications. I believe that as you complete the program you will also have the chance to pick up some Cisco certs.

    They are very reasonably priced.

  3. malus

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    Thanks for the info, I'll look into that one more.

    I almost dismissed it when I saw the tuition page.. untill I saw the "Undergraduate Virtual College" per credit hour fee, which looks fairly appealing.

  4. Sallygal

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  5. malus

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    Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about any of the following universities?

    I've been trying to search degreeinfo on them but it seems there are some database problems again..

    Western Governors University
    Capella University
    Regis University
    American Intercontinental University
    Kaplan University
    Strayer University

  6. jpquinn

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    Hi Jason, I see no one posted a reply, so I'll share some of my recent findings.

    WGU - $2500/60 flat rate, to me the best non-profit RA deal around, until I discovered they proctor every single exam you will ever take. To me I found that to be a pain and it blew the concept of 100% online that I was looking for. I like instant gratification. Hey, it may be for you! But I also understood that even if you have a 2-year degree, you still may attend for 3.5+ years, a bit long to long if you ask me.

    Capella, I thought was ok, the price + hidden fees made it about as pricey as UOP, but there was this neat link someone posted, which did influence my decision making, so I crossed it off my list... but hey, take it with a grain of salt, that’s just one persons twist, you may love it.

    Regis, someone here had a bad experience with them, you might hope they give you some feedback or use the search tool here. For me it was here nor there, I think it was the degree plan was not quite a good fit for me, it might have been the price tag too.

    AIC I thought was pricey, but a good place, but if I remember right, it's not 100% online, I don't have my notes, it reminded me of UOP and their Flexnet approach.

    Strayer is pricey like UOP too, but these guys, like Capella, and WGU have kept calling and emailing me every day, even though I’ve repeatedly told them that I have selected a university. The guys at WGU and Strayer are just down right rude, and refer to their competition in unsavory ways, very unprofessional. I can't remember anymore, one of these guys besides WGU also did proctoring of all exams too.

    One you didn't mention, it was my 2nd place selection, though not a 100% match as to the degree plan I was after, Walden University. Very nice, very helpful, very informative, I think they would be a great place, A, price, 100% online, etc… Maybe someone here with Walden background can speak up.

    I selected Kaplan University, they had the exact match on the degree plan I wanted, priced right, no hidden fees as most the others above do, RA, 100% online, no proctored tests, they have a highly respected name in higher education, thanks to its venerable test review centers all around the world and its published test prep materials and school guides that are very widely-used. Kaplan is also growing very quickly, they’re getting primed and poised to become an online leader, I know that sounds like an ad and I don’t mean to be that way, but if your interested, I can email you a .pdf that is a newspaper article that addresses their growth and strategy. Also, my wife works with a lady who goes to KU, I've spoken to extensively, I liked what I heard. I switch from UOP.

    In my opinion, depending on your degree plan and how much money you want to spend for your education, as long as you select a RA, the places you named above are just fine. Others here may beg to differ. I hope this helps. --Jay
  7. Bruboy

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    Hi Jason,

    I am currently enrolled in the M.S. Organization and Management, IT specialization at Capella. After looking at many schools mentioned on this board I narrowed the search to Capella and Regis. Both of my undergrad degrees, A.A.S. and B.S., were obtained at b&m schools. Both degrees were engineering in nature, computer and electrical respectively.

    Ultimately I decided on Capella. I was confident that the quality was there, and when I found that I was eligible for a 10% discount on all courses at Capella, my decision was made. I receive a 10% discount because the school that I received my A.A.S. from, CUNY Queensborough CC, is partnered with Capella.

    I'm starting my third course and so far the experience is pleasant. The instructors are competent, and the course work for me is challenging. Whatever interaction I've had with the administration branch of Capella demonstrated that they are customer service orientated.

    To be honest, I could not imagine doing an engineering undergrad degree online. I am basing this opinion on the amount of lab work required for my undergrad degrees, although they are a bit aged now. If I were in the market for a technical undergrad degree, I would focus on the level of hands on work and how it is delivered. I guess you would be working strictly with simulators instead of actual hardware, which I consider a disadvantage. Hopefully you have access to equipment at work to experiment with.

    One last note, I would not let yourself be swayed by a web site such as the capellauniversitysucks site mentioned by another post. If you look at the site it has been up for sometime, yet only has a handful of posts, allegedly by the site creator and multiple aliases. I've read that it was started by a Capella student that looked to abuse and attack other students, and was thrown out of Capella. It appears that the site creator salts quality sites such as this one with negative posts and the capellauniversitysucks link.
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    Here are a couple more network-type offerings:

    City University
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems - Networking/Telecommunications Emphasis

    Peirce College
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    Concentration in Networking

    I keep a list of RA undergraduate CS, IS and related degrees here .


  10. malus

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    Thanks for all the information.

    I have narrowed it down to Capella, Western Governors University, and Regis University... unless I come across another school.

    The capellauniversitysucks link doesn't sway me at all.. if that website is any indication of their computer literacy, then I know what was really wrong ;)

    As for hands on experience.. I work with most of the high end equipment that would be in labs.. my current job is sort of like a college that pays me to attend ;) But then most team based IT jobs that I have come across are like that.
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    how about UMUC ?
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  13. malus

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    "Check out Fort Hayes State University (FHSU). They offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications. I believe that as you complete the program you will also have the chance to pick up some Cisco certs. "

    You know.. the price is really pretty appealing with this B&M school.

    Have any suggestions for other B&M schools that have online degree's with a networking focus that are .. cheap? :)

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