Neo-Confederate Wins GOP Senate Primary in Virginia

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    Corey Stewart, who was recently endorsed by Trump, is known for being an advocate of flying the Confederate flag and keeping up statues that honor Confederate soldiers. He was also acquainted with the white nationalists who participated in the violent protests in Charlottesville and called Paul Nehlen, an anti-Semite, his hero because he stood up to Paul Ryan.

    Stewart attempted to defend himself on CNN by deflecting to Leslie Cockburn (he couldn't remember her name), who won a Democratic primary in Virginia. Cockburn is being accused of anti-Semitism because she wrote a book criticizing Israel 27 years ago. Paul Nehlen is a confirmed white supremacist who has gone on David Duke's radio show and was suspended from Twitter earlier this year for a racist tweet about Meghan Markle.
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    Tim Kaine couldn't have asked for a better opponent. Just so long as he doesn't get cocky like Clinton did, there's a blue tide happening, but Virginia is still a purplish state.
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