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    I have been searching for a Master Degree in Nursing Leadership or Administration. I would also be interested in a Master Degree in Health Care Administration. Due to my work/family schedule I require a program that is completely online with no residency. I have found many non accredited schools but none accredited.
    I have purchased a distance learning book but it offered no help.
    If anyone can help, please. I am about to give up.

  2. bgossett

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    A similar question was posed not long ago, and you may find the responses and links relevant to your situation. Click here.

    Bill Gossett
  3. Keith Woodard

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  4. Keith Woodard

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    Goto, we have an online Nursing degree listing.
  5. Keith Woodard

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    City U (Renton, WA - RA) has been advertising (local radio) an MBA degree with a concentration in health care management. I looked at the web site and couldn't find it listed. (However, we know how slow City U has been to post info to web.)

    You might give them a call. The rest of their MBA specialties are offered via DL. Perhaps this one is too.

    Best Wishes!
    Barry Foster
    (Satisfied MBA City U grad)
  7. MacWithey

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    Syracuse University(NY) offers such options, and St. Joseph's College (ME)
    offers internet-based programs.
    There is a good online degree listing at; the current page address is


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