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    I'm interested in doing MBA from an accredited university.Can you refer to any university that offers a good course within $10,000 ? I have checked with some universities and their course fee is very high (>$20, 000 - $55,000).

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    Thanks a bunch.
  4. Ted Heiks

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    Degreeboard had a recent thread on DL MBAs under $10,000.
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    You beat me to it, Ted. ;)
  6. Barsana

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    Any Idea about these programs ?

    Hi guys,

    Can you give me any rough ideas about which MBA program is the best buy among these few ?

    These are :

    1. ACCIS
    Accreditation : Distance Education & Training Council(DETC)
    Tuition :$10,175 ($275/cr)

    2. Brenau University
    Accreditation : Regional- Southern association of coll & schools
    Tuition :$12,060($402/cr)

    3. California Coast Univ
    ACC : DETC
    Tuition: $4,889

    4. Columbia Southern Univ
    Acc: DETC
    Tuition: $6300 ($175/Cr)

    5. Grantham Univ
    ACC - DETC
    Tuition: $10,467

    6. Touro University
    ACC- regional- middlestates commission on higher education
    tuition: $12,000
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    Check out
    Southwest University has a good general MBA program for about $7500 or so.
  8. Ted Heiks

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    Re: Any Idea about these programs ?

    Links. :cool:

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