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    So I have close to 60 credits and I want to test out of the remainder of my degree. I have been looking into tesc and excelsior and I am having touble as to where to put some of my classes and which ones I need. I was looking at doing a liberal arts degree but honestly whichever degree I can get fastest, cheapest and easiest is what I want. If someone could please provide me with information after I list my classes I have taken and am in the middle of taking. I need a math credit I know for sure but which exam should I take? Thank you! If someone answers me with a lot of good information I will reward you with a nice bitcoin tip ;)

    General Education AA-Composition I & II

    Composition I
    ENGL 121 Composition I-3

    Composition II
    ENGL 122 Composition II-3

    General Education AA-Oral Communications

    Oral Communication
    SPD 121 Public Speaking-3

    General Education AA-Humanities


    ENGL 130 Introduction to Literature -3

    REL 125 Religions of the East-3

    General Education AA-Social Science


    Political Science
    POLS 122 Political Science-3

    PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology-3

    General Education AA-Mathematics Academic Year: Credit Spring 2013 Credits Required: 3

    Unmet conditions for this set of requirements: 3 credits are required. You currently have 0, you still need 3 more credits.

    Finite Mathematics or higher

    Still Needed: 1 Class in MATH 165* or 171* or 172* or 173* or 175* or 181* or 225* or 231* or 232* or 241* or 242* or 243* or 244 or 254*

    General Education AA-Lab Science



    Biology Area
    BIOL 135 Princip Cell & Molecular Biol - 3 credits

    General Education AA-Science/Math

    Science or Mathematics
    BIOL 125 General Botany A 5 Fall 2012

    General Education AA-HPER

    Health and/or Physical Education Course
    HPER 192 Wellness for Life - 1 credit

    Major in Liberal Arts Academic Year: Credit Spring 2013 Credits Required: 33

    Unmet conditions for this set of requirements: 33 credits are required. You currently have 32, you still need 1 more credits. This EXCLUDES Developmental Coursework


    CPCA 161 Introduction to Web Pages IP (1) Spring 2014
    CWEB 105 Intro Web Pages: Dreamweaver IP (1) Spring 2014
    GAME 101 Computer Game Creation B 4 Fall 2008
    HIST 135 Eastern Civilization IP (3) Summer 2014
    HUM 122 Introduction to Humanities IP (3) Summer 2014
    JOUR 130 Principles of Public Relations IP (3) Spring 2014
    MUS 123 Intro to Music Fundamentals C 2 Fall 2008
    MUS 156 MIDI Music Composition A 3 Fall 2008
    BUS 235 Intro International Business IP (3) Spring 2014
    ENTR 225 Family Business B 3 Fall 2013
    MKT 230 Marketing A 3 Fall 2013

    Cultural Diversity Requirement Academic Year:

    Cultural Diversity Requirement
    REL 125 Religions of the East A 3

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