Need help for an affordable and dynamic Bachelor's degree

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  1. henders

    henders New Member

    Hi, I'm new here, but have been reading a lot over the years. :wave:

    Here is the thing I would like to ask suggestions and insight:
    I want to have an affordable Bachelor's degree from an accredited online institution. The field of study should be Humanistic, Religion, General Studies or Liberal Arts.

    Here is my problem:

    In my country there's only 9 years of mandatory school.
    I'm only finishing my equivalent to 12th grade vocational degree in about six months.
    Can I already apply and start studying?

    Here is what I would like to include to my degree and/or to use as an alternative admission if possible:

    I have ca. 40 credits (including one package of studies equivalent to Certificate) from a somewhat prestigious European university, taken through open university route. These are accredited and should be transferable.
    I also have a Bachelor's degree from a religious seminary, but the accreditation is poor. I am however certain of my knowledge on that field and could take some PLA or sorts.

    Any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Do you reside in the USA or overseas?
  3. henders

    henders New Member

    Hi, I live in European Union.
  4. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

  5. henders

    henders New Member

    I am also considering SATS. Too bad I have to wait 7 months to receive my official GED-equivalent.
    Anybody know if there is a quick way to get an accredited GED or High School diploma online?
  6. Jason9934

    Jason9934 Member

    Does the kind of accreditation matter: DETC, ABHE, regional, etc? Also, do you have any cost restraints?

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