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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. TeacherBelgium

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    So I need some help to decide.

    I had a talk with my local university (presential learning).

    They offered me two options.

    A postgraduate diploma in international fiscal law of 60 ECTS that takes two years to complete ( they teach 30 ECTS a year).

    An advanced bachelor diploma in business management with purchase and operations management as a specialization.
    This one is worth 60 ECTS too and takes 1 year to complete.
    They wave 120 ECTS and condense the programme to 60 ECTS for those who already have a degree.

    I don't know which one of the two would be more beneficial for me in the long run.

    I was under the impression that a postgraduate diploma doesn't mean as much. That it's just another feather in your cap and that it doesn't carry the prestige of a master degree. But I could be wrong.

    The bachelor in business management that can be completed in 1 year is a very interesting offer.
    I do not have a bachelor yet.

    I do have my ENEB master and my associate degree in law.

    Based on this which would be more suitable for me to get the most out of my further career and get the most job opportunities?

    A postgraduate here leads to a certificate and a bachelor (advanced) leads to a real degree.

    The postgraduate certificate would prepare me in world wide fiscal law matters.

    The bachelor diploma would prepare me for global and sustainable entrepreneurship.

    I'm losing my mind because both sound so attractive but I can't be at 2 places in the same time so need to choose. Monday I have to share my decision with them.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Since you have a ENEB Master degree and an Associate degree in Law; then the one that leading to real degree makes sense.
  3. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    That was the one I was leaning more to as well.
    I was just a bit disappointed because it's only a '' bachelor '' degree but I think it will still carry more weight than a postgraduate, or am I wrong in that?

    I feel like postgraduates do not mean that much to most people or am I wrong there?

    The only thing that is really appealing to me with the postgraduate is that it prepares for international fiscal law. Fiscal law seems to be a branch you can earn good money with.

    On the other hand: my cv will look weird with an associate's degree, a postgraduate degree and a master's degree but no bachelor.

    Associate's, bachelor and master on my cv looks more '' coherent '', no ?

    I'm leaning towards the bachelor.
    I googled a bit about postgraduates and found that they don't really mean much more than continuous professional development.
  4. AsianStew

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    Continue on your educational journey and goals, I would just get the one you really want and stick with that choice.
    I recommend the same thing, a logical progression from Associates, Bachelors and then you've got the ENEB Masters.
    Having the post graduate diploma would be good choice, but the advanced bachelors degree is a better option...

    Now in regards to your ENEB, you have 6, the MBA being the building block and the following would add courses to it...
    Master in human resource management
    Master in big data
    Master in corporate communication - Good choice, you get the Masters in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce FREE!
    Master in international trade - Good choice, you have several overlapping courses with another degree
    Master in management and team management - SKIP this, exchange it for Hotel Management & Tourism

    Why do you get the Masters in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce FREE? Because it is 4 extra courses after you do the MBA
    And because those 4 are covered by the 6 required courses in the Masters in Business & Corp Communications

    Skip the Masters in Management & Team Management as it is only 3 extra courses, you get that FREE if you complete Hotel Management & Tourism
    In fact, if you do the International Trade and Hotel Management & Tourism, you get the Masters in Commerce Mgmt & Marketing FREE as well!
    So, technically, if you do all 6 of the ones I mentioned, you get 9 of their 11 offerings, haha...

    I wrote about this on the sister board, a lengthy post indeed!
  5. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    I have eventually subscribed for the postgraduate in international fiscal law.
    The places for the advanced bachelor were all taken and so I would have had to wait another year to subscribe.
    So I decided to subscribe for the postgraduate in international fiscal law.
    It's from '' Fiscale Hogeschool Brussel '' which is a renomated school here in Belgium.

    So all in all everything is allright I guess?
    Disappointed that subscribing for the advanced bachelor was not possible anymore due to all places being taken (such a stupid detail) but also glad that I get the chance to study at Fiscale Hogeschool Brussel.
    The certificate awarded at the end of the course (upon successful passing of the exam) gives access to a legally protected profession (tax consultant) so that's good too I guess? Hope that it will be a profession I can earn some money with. I would love to work at Deloitte but immigration stays my passion.
    Hope that the lack of a bachelor will not be detrimental to my career now that I have an associate's, an MBA and soon a postgrad in fiscal law.

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