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    I just found this on the NCU catalog. The CAGS is a certificate program for students who already hold a masters degree and want to learn more about particular subjects like accounting or finance. I was briefly enrolled in the CAGS E-Commerce. I took one course and left the CAGS for a PhD Applied Computer Science. They have dropped the E-Commerce CAGS and now have a CAGS general business. I might enroll in this as well if I can as a hedge against dropping out of the PhD program.

    CAGS - General Business
    The General Business certificate program allows students to select courses from a broad range of electives to fit
    their personal and professional goals.
    Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours for the certificate in General Business. Students must take
    at least four business courses from any of the Business CAGS programs offered and may take up to two courses
    from the CAGS offered in other fields (Psychology and/or Education) to fulfill their General Business certificate
    Additional courses (i.e., more than two courses) from other disciplines may be considered to fill this requirement,
    with Dean approval.
    Recommended Certificate Courses* - 18 credit hours
    FIN7012 / FIN7012-8 Advanced Corporate Finance
    HRM7004 / HRM7004-8 Supervising in the 21st Century
    IB7012 / IB7012-8 Global Economic Environment
    MGT7017 / MGT7017-8 Contemporary Policy Issues in Business
    MGT7110 / MGT7110-8 Leadership in Organizations
    MGT8010DBA /
    Applied Management Capstone Project
    *Courses listed are examples and upon acceptance to the program the initial degree plan will include these
    courses. Students are encouraged to choose their General Business certificate courses based on personal and
    professional goals and to work with their Academic Advisor to revise their degree plan.

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