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  1. eleanor rigby

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    I'm planning to take the Natural Sciences CLEP exam next month and have been using Cracking the CLEP as my primary study guide. My concern is that this particular edition of the guide came out in 2000. Should I be looking at a more updated version (the 2004 edition), or have the questions and subject matter covered on the CLEPs varied much over the last 5 years? I'd love some input on this, so thanks in advance.

  2. B.N.

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    I took this test last October. While I don't know what the test was like 5 years ago, I can tell you that my test didn't consist of ground-breaking, super new, never been heard of science.

    It was mainly "basic" scientific laws and principles that have been known and proven for quite a (relatively) long time. Therefore, I doubt that the test is much different today than it was 5 years ago.

    Of course, that's only my personal viewpoint.

  3. traci04

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  4. I took this exam about 6 months ago and I agree with the others - it's not earth-shattering with respect to "current" information.

    I've found all of the COMEX guides to be great, and at 140 pages the Natural Science version is certainly digestible, plus the sample exam helps get you prepped. However, if you're scoring well on the Cracking the CLEP exam you won't need it.


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