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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Papa Georgia, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    Has anyone received the full 12 hours credit for these two exams?
  2. Jhastings01

    Jhastings01 New Member

    No, but with hindsight, I wish I had taken the Biology CLEP after the natural science CLEP. I believe that there is a lot of similar information on the two exams and that with an little more effort you could certainly pass the two together for 12 hours credit. I recieved 6 for Natual Science, and didn't think I would need any more science. What I didn't think through, was that I could have used the 6 Biology credits as electives. DUH!!!

    good luck!
  3. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    I passed the Natural Science test with just a little bit of studying. The Biology CLEP however covers a great deal more material. I am slowly preparing for this one with online resources a large Biology text and a study sheet for freshman Biology.
  4. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    I should have put a little more information in my post. I took both those exams the same day. Didn't score very well but good enough for credit. Science is not my strong suit and both exams were very difficult for me.
    I am being told "unofficially" that I will only get 9 credits because there is some overlap.I just thought that was odd since I was given 6 hrs for Social Science and History and 6 hrs for U S History 1 & 2 even though ther is some overlap.
    Of course, 9 hrs is better than 6 since I didn't do any additional studying . I was preparing for the Natural Science exam. After I passed it I didn't have anything to lose by trying Biology.

    GUNSMOKE New Member

    Congrats on the tests and credit!

    Do you mind me asking who is accepting only 9 hours instead of the 12?


    Good luck and best wishes for your success!

  6. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    Re: Congrats on the tests and credit!

    Since it is just an unofficial opinion, I would rather not put it on the forum. Check your PM
  7. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    Re: Congrats on the tests and credit!

    I received my official evaluation from COSC and received 6 hrs for Biology and 3 hrs for natural science. I am not sure if they do this on an individual basis or if this is an official policy.
    However, I would not be able to use the other 3 hrs anyway.
    Just in case anyone else is looking at taking both exams, you might want to check it out Hope this helps.

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