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    I am set up to start this program in the fall. It seems like a great option for a mother of two like myself, and I love that it combines a master's with the credential - that was one thing that really attracted me to it. I graduated with my BA in English from SDSU last year, and I loved it. However, navigating the program as a mom to a young child proved challenging. I wouldn't mind going back, but for one, I would have to wait a year for admittance next fall, and two, I like that National is more adult oriented and provides online courses.

    That being said, I've become increasingly nervous about attending, wondering if it's all too good to be true. I have read some not so great reviews mostly about the administration, organization (classes falling through, etc), and processing of financial aid, causing major issues. The tuition is undoubtedly more expensive than a state school, so that does put me on edge a bit. (To be fair, I have seen some subpar reviews for SDSU as well, but I believe in a lot of ways you get what you put in. It wasn't perfect, but I got a lot out of my education, and I was privileged to work with some wonderful professors there.)

    I guess I am just wondering if anybody has personal experience with this school, or if anyone has had this "cold feet" feeling before - any experience/words of wisdom to share?

    Thank you!

    - Melissa

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