National Bible Institute: A Case Study in Avoidance

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  1. Came across National Bible Institute in my social media travels. The lack of accreditation is apparent (.org) as is the substandard coursework: One and a half to two years (fifty-three credit-hours) for an Master of Divinity. The ATS et al MDiv requirements are three years of full-time study (e.g., ninety credit-hours). No faculty listed and a bizarre and ambiguous statement of faith that omits standard Christian essentials. The address looks like it belongs to a church. Why does it seem like the majority of substandard schools are Bible colleges and seminaries?
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    In many jurisdictions, particularly at the graduate level, they can exercise religious exemptions to many of the regulatory requirements and operate in a legally gray area.

    With the apparent emphasis on ESL/International students... this outfit may even be going for a different market/product...

    Of course it could be a legitimate albeit amateur attempt by a church to generate revenue and spread their beliefs. Of course, with their attempts they’ve made to be vague over their identity though... I wouldn’t be optimistic on that being the case.

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