"National Academic Archive Registrar" fake building

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  1. galanga

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  2. Bill Huffman

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    Here's a theory.

    Perhaps the US Treasury is collecting academic credentials to ... to a ... to use new profiles on future dollar bills. After all this George Washington guy's popularity might fade in the future and they may need a replacement. So they teamed up with the NAAR! The reason that the statue was removed from the picture was because ... hmmm because maybe ... the statue had bird droppings on it and it was to disgusting? Yea, that's the ticket, bird droppings.
  3. galanga

    galanga New Member

    those are theses, not [[rhymes with theses]]

    because maybe ... the statue had...

    Those are the writings of graduates from the Branford Academy Preparatory High School, a division of the world-famous Saint Regis Yowieversity, not sold in stores, as seen on television.
  4. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Yes, dissertations written in the new communication medium of pigeon droppings on statues. Due to intellectual property concerns, they had to erase the statue from the picture. Yea, that's the ticket, bird droppings communication.

    Each diploma bestowed has it's [sic, in honor of Hoyer et al] own unique pigeon communication expletive for emphasis and we thought pigeons weren't eligible for college degrees.
  5. asakazad

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    What about OTAC?

    The fake NAAR is exposed. Any comments on OTAC: http://www.transcriptarchive.com/

    OTAC is owned by the Owner of St Regis Group...That's all I know....They had a J2 Fax number.... Any comments on this REAL FAKE Operation
  6. asakazad

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    Just I made a quick search for OTAC address in Google.

    1812 Marsh Road, Suite 6 - 242

    is giving atleast 10 different company names...

    Prime Time Limousine has the same address: http://www.dartfirststate.com/directory/

    Creative Theater has the same address:,+Suite+6+-+242&hl=en

    MOCH Irving, Jr., Dr. has the same address:


    There are many more....in the same address...

    Where they will archieve the official records as they deal with hundreds of applications a day?
  7. Re: OTAC???

    Gee Azad, maybe you can build them a nice little website and database, just like you did for St. Regis and other spurious operations you've been involved in over the past few years. Oh, I forgot - that's DOCTOR Azad, right?
  8. asakazad

    asakazad New Member

    As you know

    Dear Sir,
    As you know I am just a web designer and has nothing to do with their business.

    I can not be responsible for their activities. I left them, once I realised about them....then they harrassed me in all the ways...

    Well. Dixie knows to create the websites!!!
  9. galanga

    galanga New Member


    Recall that OTAC used to post its address as 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, # 211, Washington DC and that its photo appeared in DegreeInfo a couple of years ago. I enclose it below for your amusement, along with its old domain registration information.

    About web sites: Dixie Randock is an expert, I think. See this link, for example.

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  10. asakazad

    asakazad New Member

    Dixie and my naked photographs

    Someone from the other Forum barked that they will post my naked photographs taken on some cellphone camera etc.

    I was awaiting to see that photographs and their Photoshop-ing expertice. But unfortunately they have not posted yet.

    I was awaiting for that Photos because I wanted to post the Love Letters written by Dixie Randock TO... TO... :(
  11. Truce....

    OK Azad, I'll leave you alone from now on, unless you do something obviously unethical again in my (virtual) presence. You have good comebacks..... and best wishes to you in staying on the straight and narrow going forward.

    I like the part about Dixie's love letters.... Actually, if she weren't such an obvious shrew, she'd be worth a roll in zee hay.....


    Galanga has seen me drool over her before, and is probably laughing wondering what could possibly be the basis of attraction..... LOL!
  12. asakazad

    asakazad New Member

    Thank you

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your wishes.

    As a webdesigner, I was doing websites for anything other than Pornography. That was my mistake. I must avoid these kind of fakes too.

    I felt that Dixie doesn't like her 62 year old husband???
  13. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Bill Huffman: "Perhaps the US Treasury is collecting academic credentials to ... to a ... to use new profiles on future ... bills."

    John: By golly, he's right. Here's what I found on the secret Treasury graphic planning site:

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  14. galanga

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    So that's why it takes so many of them to buy a euro now!
  15. Re: Thank you

    I have a feeling that Dixie likes pretty much anything that brings in easy cash.... so long as she has a 30-something boy toy on the side for her carnal needs....
  16. CalDog

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    NAAR Real Building

    The real NAAR building (at 4401 Connecticut Ave NW LBBY A # 121, Washington DC 20008-2358) is apparently a UPS Store (formerly Mailboxes Etc). I have attempted to attach an image, courtesy of Amazon.com's Visual Yellow Pages. It's to the right of the Subway.

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  17. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: NAAR Real Building

    Thank you for the information, I can't help but notice how similar it is to the picture they present of themselves. It is in a different light but I can't help but notice that there is no statue in front of either building so they are very similar in that regard.

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