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  1. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Here's a new one that one of our colleagues found, but hadn't announced yet: "Nation University" at http://www.nu-edu.us/ with British domain registration but a distinctly Chinese orientation.

    From http://www.nu-edu.us/english/index.files/index2.htm:

    - Over 100 Disciplines in English or Chinese.
    - Completed mainly by correspondence.

    From http://www.nu-edu.us/english/index.files/about.htm:

    Nation University (NU)was conceived as a private, self-governing institution committed to providing higher education for the 21st century.

    Established in U.S.A by some of the most recognized educators, NU offers a revolutionary distance learning program intended to fulfill the needs of the professional student.

    From the inception of NU , NU Academic Board has worked hard to integrate a variety of methodologies. We have new disciplines and cultures. We have also tried to assimilate the core features of educational systems. This will present our institution as one that accommodates the demands of each culture and language, without losing sight of its essential international character. Doctors from all countries have joined NU Academic Board.

    NU today is recognized or is a member of many international and reputable organizations

    And we keep going...


    The page http://www.nu-edu.us/english/index.files/reputation.htm shows images of several documents:
    * accreditation from IEMAA (uh oh!)
    * accreditation from the "International Accreditation and Registration Institute" (uh oh!)
    * incorporation papers for Nation University in the State of Hawaii (Jeff Brunton has been informed)
    * a statement, notarized in Chicago, that reads
    The page http://www.nu-edu.us/english/index.files/contact.htm is titled "NU Headquarter" and lists three addresses. The first (the "headquarter") is

    Tel:(1)773-5805482 Fax:(1)773-2863137

    while the other two are for the "China Delegate Office" (in Beijing) and the "Shandong Delegate Office of China" (in Shangdong, naturally.)

    That Chicago address means that NU may be breaking the law in Illinois. In particular,

    The Illinois Board of Higher Education has been informed of the existence of NU and is investigating.

    I called NU Headquarter at (773) 580 5482 this afternoon, but the University wasn't answering its phone. The answering machine identified itself as "Kan Ho." English is not Ms. Ho's native language; her accent sounded East Asian, probably Chinese, to me.

    Since nobody was home at Nation University I rang the University's doorbell or, more exactly, dialed the code in the lobby for the condominium apartment at 6050 West Eastwood that listed "Kan Ho & R. Smietana." A male voice, presumably Mr. Smietana (American speech, perhaps from Chicago or the upper midwest) answered. I asked if I could see a brochure for Nation University, since I had found their site on the web and happened to be in the neighborhood. I could overhear him tell Kan that someone was there. Perhaps in response to Kan asking him if the visitor was Chinese, he said "No, American. What do you want to do?... I think it's a test call." He then hung up on me. It seemed prudent to leave at that point, which I did, after taking a few photographs. (A composite is attached below.)

    Here's the domain registration information.

    Domain Name: NU-EDU.US
    Domain ID: D4303197-US
    Sponsoring Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Domain Status: ok
    Registrant ID: 34137F9E5335A8C9
    Registrant Name: David Hill
    Registrant Organization: Jarphon Domain
    Registrant Address1: 5 Jupiter House
    Registrant Address2: Calleva Park,Aldermaston
    Registrant City: Berkshire
    Registrant Postal Code: RG7 8NN
    Registrant Country: United Kingdom
    Registrant Country Code: UK
    Registrant Email: [email protected]
    Registrant Application Purpose: P4
    Registrant Nexus Category: C11

    Administrative Contact ID: D7AB53419A5170FB
    Administrative Contact Name: Tom Smith
    Administrative Contact Organization: Leading Business Hosting Ltd
    Administrative Contact Address1: 100 Gower Street
    Administrative Contact City: London
    Administrative Contact Postal Code: WC1E 6BT
    Administrative Contact Country: Great Britain (UK)
    Administrative Contact Country Code: GB
    Administrative Contact Email: [email protected]

    Domain Registration Date: Thu May 29 04:57:33 GMT 2003
    Domain Expiration Date: Fri May 28 23:59:59 GMT 2004
    Domain Last Updated Date: Mon Nov 17 17:40:48 GMT 2003

    So that's that!


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  2. Andy Borchers

    Andy Borchers New Member

    Possible point of confusion

    In discussing Nation University, please do not confuse it with a similar named institution named NationsUniversity®.

    The later is a Christian school operated on a tuition free basis to provide training for church leaders outside the United States. The school is associated with churches of Christ, a religious group that I am affiliated with.

    Regards - Andy
  3. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    Thanks for your onsite visit.

    Nation University is solely creatd to "serve" the Chinese market,myself is also investigating its operation in China,can I have your permission to use some of your findings in my report(I will properly reference it)?How can I get in touch with you?

  4. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    This site has the same design as Bircham International University. I couldn't help but laugh at the pictures of the campus. One would get lost trying to find the men's room on this enormous campus.:D :D
  5. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the link and special thanks for the delightful pictures of the Nation University Headquarter.

    While the above link to the reputation page is fine, I want to warn people that other web pages of the Nation University website are apparently infected with a virus that downloads automatically when the web page is loaded.
  6. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Hi Galanga: Again, superbly done! When I saw the address, I thought how'd they fit a university into this guy's apartment? YOU showed us how they did it. Thanks for a brilliant and very funny post.
  7. MichaelR

    MichaelR Member

    I was looking at the department of state document, and the signature for Colin L. Powell is different from the department of state document that I have for The International University. I doubt his signature has changed much from Feb of 2000 to May 2003. But I could be wrong.
  8. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    mringer intriguingly points out the possible problem in Colin Powell's signature. But the document says that Secretary Powell has "caused...my name to be subscribed by the Assistant Authentication Officer..." In other words, it appears that whichever clerk is filling it out writes Powell's name on it.

    In any event...the picture of their "Apostille" on the Nation site shows, very clearly, that the Department of State says, "For the contents of the annexed document, the Department assumes no responsibility."

    So much for the Apostille claims made by them, and dozens of other phonies.
  9. galanga

    galanga New Member

    you were right about Bircham

    My goodness, you were very much on-target concerning the similarity to Bircham!

    Here are two consecutive html "meta tags" to be found in a couple dozen of the NU site's file's headers:

    <meta content="Bircham University Distance Education" name="keywords">
    <meta content="welcome to nation university!." name="Description">

  10. linjie

    linjie New Member

    From China

    As a native of China, I found this socalled Nation
    University is running a MBA program both in Beijing and Jinan (a northern city in China)
    I phoned them, the MBA program they offer will also lead to a membership in some professional association as they claimed. the program cost is $1000
  11. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    Nation university is having a bad time in China at the moment, as national and local media are zeroing in on them for "decapitation strike"...

    Linjie,which part of China are you from?
  12. linjie

    linjie New Member


    I am located in Shanghai.
    remember few years ago, we have tons non-accredited american universities (such as Kensington, Barrington) running their programs.
    The case of National "university", you should at least having an westerner to be their "president".
    It doesn't sound real if they haire some locals!!
  13. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    ha,I ever speculated that you were from Canton as Chou is an Cantonese spelling for a Chinese family name.

    Shanghai and Bejing are like million dollars to degree mill operators but with ameliorated press covering foreign bogus schools,I think their business will abate rapidly unless a spanking new strategy is utilised to refuel their growth...

    Honolulu University,American World University's program and the like inured to sell like hot cakes in Shanghai,now I think their operation has come to standstill due to late press coverage about the schools and accreditation.
  14. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Nation University of America

    The Nation University site at http://www.nu-edu.us/ had disappeared for a couple of weeks. It is now back, but with the contents almost entirely in Chinese.

    The page http://www.nu-edu.us/cn/china/index.files/renzheng3.htm does show a diploma giving Chicago as the place of origin of the document. However, the page http://www.nu-edu.us/cn/china(lxwm).htm gives the NU Headquarters info to be

    1108 W. Valley Blvd.
    Suite 4138
    Alhambra, CA 91803
    Office of President: [email protected]
    Office of Registrar: [email protected]
    International Office: [email protected]

    Perhaps this gets them out from under Hawaii and Illinois law, but it might bring them into California's regulatory sphere.

    It must have been tough to give up such a nice campus on such short notice.

    Some of the old pages are still available, just not with links to the top level pages. In particular,


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  15. italiansupernova

    italiansupernova New Member


    I checked the phone numbers for both the NU "campus" and their headquarters address via www.reversephonedirectory.com.... "Your search returned no results" is what I got for BOTH numbers.

    Also, I found the following address...
    1108 W. VALLEY BLVD., #400
    ALHAMBRA, CA 91803

    ... courtesy of http://www.chineseypage.com/insurance.htm which is partly done in Chinese and considering NU's new Chinese look, I wonder if there is a connection??
  16. bgossett

    bgossett New Member

    The number of businesses that turn up searching on that address suggests that this is probably a maildrop or remailing service of some sort, with one possibility being Secretarial Communications Service shown in this listing.
  17. galanga

    galanga New Member

    source material for NU site

    Nation University has changed its name slightly to "National University." Its English language site is back up, and it seems to share material with other, older sites.

    Compare the president's message at the accredited Florida Gulf Coast University with the Nation University president's message.

    Compare the "Dorcas University" mission statement with the NU mission statement .

    Compare the beginning of the University of Pennsylvania "about Penn " page with the start of the "about NU" page.

    Compare the University of Florida's Graduate Degree and Program Listings with the NU programs.


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