Natioanlly certified Psychology credentail for licensure -as a Psychologist?

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    The Northamerican Association or Master's in Psychology offers a certification exam for Master and doctoral holders in Psychology.

    Welcome To The Northamerican Association of Masters In Psychology

    They state in their website under frequently asked questions that:

    Q. Can I get licensed with this certification?
    A. In some states like Pennsylvania and Indiana, our NCP is accepted as meeting the criteria for licensure.
    During New York’s grandfathering period, the NCP was accepted as meeting the criteria to become licensed as a
    MHC. In Oklahoma, the NCP’s national exam, the Practitioners Exam of Psychological Knowledge (PEPK) is used
    as the state’s exam for the Licensed Behavioral Practitioner (LPB) license.

    I can see how this credential might be useful in Oklahoma but I can find no verification that this credential would allow for licensure as a psychologist In PA or Indiana (or any other state for that matter. Any thoughts.
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    If the chicken smells funny, make something else for dinner.
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    Agreed. As Kevin Costner said in American FLyers, sounds like bull Shinto to me.
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    Yeah, that is not legit. There is no such think as a master's level psychologist in Indiana. The is only one way to licensure. Why would they wave the stringent requirements in lieu for this certification? Makes no sense. My guess, they are praying on people to get money. Maybe it does something in Oklahoma but i know for certain Indiana would have nothing to do with this. Our licensing standards for all mental health licenses are very strict and they don't bend at all.
  5. laferney

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    Yes I checked with the Indiana and Pennsylvania's Psychology boards and they both state that this NCP credential is not accepted or used in anyway for licensing as a psychologist. However on the PA. code of regulations for counselors under § 49.15. Exemption from licensure examination.

    A license will be issued without examination to an applicant who meets the following requirements. The applicant shall have: (viii) The Nationally Certified Psychologist (NCP) certification from the NAMP, and having passed the Practice Exam of Psychological Knowledge given by NAMP.
    So maybe the NAMP should make it clear on their site that it may be helpful in obtaining Counseling licensure in these states not psychologists but like NY might have been used in a"grandfathering phase" and no longer used.

    049 Pa. Code §*49.15.*Exemption from licensure examination.

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