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  1. AWN

    AWN New Member

    Newport Asia Pacific University a CA state approved school has changed it's name to Anaheim University.

    Then I found NAPU Hawaii and there name has been changed to Lambert University.

    It all seems a bit confusing, are there two NAPU, one in CA and one in Hawaii and both have recently changed their names?
    Then there is Newport University, a CA state approved school or is it the same as NAPU?
  2. linjie

    linjie New Member

    i am sure that the new victims will be the asians again - see these japanese versions????
  3. linjie

    linjie New Member

    This is another asian runned scam

    About this euro-american accrediting agency.
    as I have found their web registration ( matched to a Chinese diploma few years ago.
    Their traget market is the asian population-mainly immigrants from South east asia.
  4. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    Anaheim University (nee NAPU) is an applicant for DETC accreditation.

    The MS in Intercultural Relations looks interesting.

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