NA doctorate after RA doctorate?

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    Let me explain:

    I have a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am a practitioner by trade who migrated into healthcare education/educational admin. I love being in education and hope to stay here. I'd like more formal training in an academic doctoral program that will "train/teach" me how to be a better educator/teacher/administrator. My DPT is from an RA institution, so for hiring purposes most schools that I'd be interested in working for (community colleges or low-level, research-light universities), the RA DPT would suffice to meet their RA faculty credential requirements. I have no interest in ever working at big name universities doing tons of research. I simply want to be a better teacher/assessor, and be able to teach the faculty I oversee how to improve at being teachers/assessors.

    My question is this: Since I have the RA Doctorate, would there be a "knock" against me for going NA on the academic doctorate? I ask solely for cost purposes (although some of the self-paced NA ones look appealing). I started with ACE in the EdD program, but really was disenchanted with it and had poor response times from the instructors, so I left. I have looked at Taft, Aspen, CalCoast, as well as Liberty, UL-Monroe. (I also looked at Cumberlands, but their courses are synchronous, which I can't do while at home with 4 little children, wife and another on the way. I need asynchronous).

    Will the NA doctorate help me appropriately? If so, what are your recommendations? It may be worth noting, also, that to teach in PT/PTA the accreditor makes no distinction of NA vs RA for faculty that teach in those programs.

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    Yeah, I've seen this one and like it. I've seen the program at Logan University also (love this one, based on curriculum), but both cost upwards of 40k. I can do the PhD in Higher Ed Admin from Liberty (with discount) for around 30-31k. But I could also do the Taft EdD for ~9500, or the CalCoast EdD for ~21k......

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