Mythical Institute of Graduate Studies???

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Guest, Mar 6, 2002.

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    It didn't seem appropriate for the MIGS forum to remain dormant during the month of March. Almost a month has passed with no updates, dialogue, banter, etc., regarding this once potential DL opportunity.

    What's the latest?
    Where is Arias?
    Where is Sheila?
    What state is MIGS operating from?
    Does MIGS currently exist?
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    The Chronicle of Higher Education does, in fact, have a follow-up story this week (March 1 edition, page A34), headlined Dean at California State U. Told to Quit Ties to Distance-learning Institution."

    The Provost* of ex-president Arias's day-job campus said the findings of their investigation were "private and confidential," but that Arias' ties to MIGS "were not appropriate for a full-time dean at Monterey Bay." The statement did not say when Mr. Arias's suspension would end, but he would be dean through July 1, then "he is expected to join the faculty, teaching behavioral sciences" presumably giving up his dean-ship.

    In keeping with the full and open disclosure that has marked this episode, the Chronicle reports that "Mr. Arias could not be reached for comment (and) a lawyer for the Distance-learning institution did not return phone messages."

    * Maxim apparently coined by Loren Eiseley in the 1960s when he became provost of Penn, and was asked what a provost does: "The provost is the shepherd of the academic flock, and the dean is his crook."
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    I fully expect the demise of MIGS to be much closer to a silent whimper rather than a bang. For all we know it may already be dead.

    otoh - perhaps Shiela will come to this forum today, admit that her degree mill days are through and post a public apology to Dr. Steve Levicoff. Then the lawyer will add a post with his apologies to both Steve and the court for filing fabricated information. (but I somehow doubt it)
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    Re: Re: Mythical Institute of Graduate Studies???

    Don't you believe in miracles, Bill? :)
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    Re: Re: Mythical Institute of Graduate Studies???

    ...then Steve will silently roll his eyes up into his head, climb into his rig, then lay down on the air horn.

    10-4 Good Buddy

    Bill H

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