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    Last week I coordinated my schedule so I would have time to drive from Phoenix to Prescott as I had a layover flying back from Sacramento to my home in Tampa. I coordinated to spend a couple hours at the NCU campus, where I had the chance to meet with much of the organization.

    I can report that the 25 acres they own is in fact real, and the building they have built is absolutely top shelf, it is a beautiful building that is the equal to any university building that I have been in built in the last 10 years. It overlooks a sweeping vista which is very scenic if a bit in the middle of nowhere, however everything in AZ is in the middle of nowhere, so this is more a function of the geography than anything else.

    I meet the Deans of the School of Business and School of Psychology, and spent a couple hours with Dr. Turner the Dean of the School of Business discussing their approach to business accreditation, dissertations, and up-and-coming plans for the school. I also met with my academic advisor, the chief of marketing, and the director putting the alumni association together, as well as others.

    There were plans to add two more buildings onto the 25 acre property, but with the change of ownership no one knows if those plans are still in effect. I can say that if they ever wanted to become a B&M school, their all set to do so, they have the land, location, and infrastructure. They didn’t say this was their plan, but it certainly would be possible.

    We also discussed the acquisition and how everyone is very excited because this new group seems set up to help them continue to grow and prosper. The student population is high and growing; the infrastructure is in place in the way of land, buildings, staff, and technology; and the funding looks good with the recent acquisition. Also, they continue to improve their academic processes, specifically in the business school where ACBSP accreditation really pushed them to improve in some areas.

    It is worth a visit if you are a student or alumni.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Thanks for sharing, and for the insight about the insitution. Too bad I have to cross it out fromt he list 'cause I cannot receive BAH.
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    Thanks for the report.
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    Great write up Dave! Very impressive indeed.


    Abner :)
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    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed update!
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    I’m thinking of also either visiting the ACBSP or attending their conference next year, to understand what they are all about. I think they are in KC. I just found out that AACSB is in Tampa near where I live. How cool is that.

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