My review of the Christian Leadership Institute

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  1. Overall, it was a fairly decent school. I won't say diploma mill. The faculty have legitimate degrees from accredited schools. The courses are put together nicely and the staff is friendly.

    What I did not like:

    I will say that the courses could use a little work and the delivery system needs improvement. The descriptions on the website such as degree programs are not put together very well. One last thing I will mention, navigation of the website is very tedious.

    Final Score:

    7.5 out of 10
  2. Phdtobe

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    The degrees are interesting. Many of the courses are applicable outside the church.
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  3. newsongs

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    Thanks for sharing. Did you finish a particular program?

    I notice they have agreements with several other seminaries to allow some students into master's programs.
  4. I completed a couple certificate programs.

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