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    Ok. I am currently enrolled in the first semester of the Bachelors of Business Management program with Penn Foster College. I am aware that Penn Foster is NA. I am also aware that some of their degree courses are ACE evaluated for transfer credit. I do not plan on finishing my degree with Penn Foster. I plan to take a few semesters with tthem, but not actually complete the degree with them. I plan on applying my military training for credit as well.

    Is there a list of the courses that are accepted for ACE credit? Is there a specific school that is known for accepting the most credits from Penn Foster? If so, how is this school for granting military credit also? My goal is either an Associates of Liberal Arts to begin, or BA in Business. Which schools should I look into provided the criteria I gave above? I would like to obtain the most transferable credits from Penn Foster, without receiving the degree from them. The purpose that the BA will be used for is military. Not sure if NA will meet commissioning requirements for OCS or if I will need RA. If I will need RA, then I plan to execute the prementioned plan. If NA is acceptable then there is a chance that I would finish out the degree with them.

    Another factor is that I plan to eventually obtain a MBA or something of that nature. If NA is acceptable for the military, and I chose to finish out the degree with Penn Foster, would I be greatly restricted on school that offer a MBA since I will have a NA degree?

    One last thing. Does anybody have experience of specific information about using military educational benefits with Penn Foster? This is another important factor to me.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    ACE course/occupation listing. They also have civilian/commercial credit evaluations. Just nose around the site.

    As for your other questions there are many inexpensive options for credit with RA schools.

    You might look at Northwestern State University Louisiana. They have an AACSB accredited Bachelors and are very cost effective:


    Best wishes,
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    The main reason for Penn Foster is that I like their format. It is self paced so I can finish as quickly as I want. Are there any RA schools that are self paced as penn foster is?
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    Yes. You should look at the many distance learning courses offered by Louisiana State University. LSU's DL courses are in the old-fashioned correspondence course format although many of them will allow you to submit an assignment electronically. You get nine months to complete a course and for a small fee you can extend by another three months. Tuition is in the low $200s per 3-credit course.
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    I agree! LSU seems like a perfect fit for you.
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    Western Governor's University is both NA and RA, and offers self-paced undergraduate business degrees:
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    Have you checked out the DANTES site?

    My opinion/advice - Think about a longer timeframe than just getting the degree done ASAP for commissioning purposes. Eventually, we all have to seperate and virtually everbody needs a second career at that point. Get the best degree that you can for your TA.
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    Don't look at NA schools for a quickie degree to satisfy commissioning requirements and go to OCS. It will hurt you eventually more than help you presently. You will always be limited for graduate school choices. Just for the sheer sake of enjoying a good education in college, you shouldn't cut corners with such institutions. There are other choices available that can provide you with a good education and fullfill your desires to apply for OCS.

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