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  1. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member

    Hello All,

    Instant Cert and Speedyprep will be my prep sources for the exams. So that is why you will encounter them next to the courses.

    Bachelor of Science in Business, Concentration: General Business from Excelsior College

    Arts and Science – 60 Needed

    CLEP History of the United States I 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP History of the United States II 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Composition 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Humanities 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP Biology 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Mathematics 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP Introductory Psychology 3 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP American Government 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Social Sciences and History 6 Book
    CLEP Microeconomics 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Macroeconomics 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Introductory Sociology 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP American Literature 6 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP College Algebra 3 Taken Class
    DSST Principles of Statistics 3 Instant Cert or MAT-201 Statistics 3 Excelsior College

    Career Component – 45 Needed (12 Upper)

    CLEP Financial Accounting 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Intro to Business Law 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Information Systems 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Principles of Management 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Principles of Marketing 3 Instant Cert
    DSST Principles of Finance 3 Instant Cert or BUS-350 Principles of Finance 3 Excelsior College
    DSST Business Ethics Instant Cert or 3 BUS-323 Business Ethics 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-553 Organizational Behavior 3 Excelsior College
    ACC-212 Managerial Accounting 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-520 Operations Management 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-495 Business Strategy 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-300 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-312 Managing Human Resources 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-310 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 Excelsior College
    DSST Management Information Systems 3 Instant Cert or BUS-452 Business Leadership 3 Excelsior College

    Electives – 15 Needed ( May be Covered by Basic Training / AIT AARTS Transcript )

    Information Literacy 1
    CLEP Precalculus 3 Book
    CLEP Natural Sciences 6 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 6 SpeedyPrep

    Why will it be free?
    All CLEPS and DSST are free to the Active Military aka me Active Army
    Tuition Assistance will cover the rest. For free.
    E-ArmyU through Excelsior will waive all enrollment, application, and administrative fees as long as I complete 18 credits with Excelsior College - some of my business classes.

    The only out of pocket expenses I will be paying for, are for books and those won't even cost much on ebay.

    My goal is to have all of my Excelsior classes be A's. Furthermore, every DSST or CLEP exam I have listed is either pass or fail to Excelsior which means it will not affect my GPA either way.

    Tell me what you think:)
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Sounds like a great plan! For a few CLEPs I used the REA books and Comex books.
  3. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    CLEP College Mathematics 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Algebra 3 Taken Class

    I'd be surprised if they accept both of these. They seem like duplicate credit.

    CLEP College Composition 3 Taken Class

    They will definitely NOT accept this for the english writing requirement. Maybe they'll accept it as an elective, but I doubt it.

    They will accept something called the UExcel exam. Its a relatively inexpensive multiple choice Excelsior exam, but for some reason its not part of their "regular" Excelsior exams.
    They have UExcel exams for ethics, statistics, english, physics and a couple of other things.
  4. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Your plan looks good with the limits noted previously.

    Does your tuition assistance cover books? If not a rough estimate would be $1,000 to $4,000 depending whether you buy used or new books.

    For either core or elective credit I think the DSST personal finance test would not only help you on your degree path but also provide knowledge that will be useful for many years:
  5. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    CLEP College Mathematics 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Algebra 3 Taken Class

    I'd be surprised if they accept both of these. They seem like duplicate credit. >>>

    College Math and College Algebra are NOT duplicate credits.
    If Comp was taken as a class, it will absolutely count, if it's the CLEP you'll need to add in the 1 credit writing that EC offers.
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  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Page 18 of the biz catalog says a maximum 3 semester units of math below calculus can be applied to a biz degree. Do the other 6 planned math credits get credited as electives by EC?

    Where did you find the Comp "CLEP + 1 credit" option? Page 15 of the biz catalog says EC does not accept CLEP comp (I applied CLEP English comp with essay to my EC degree but tat was some time ago).

  7. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member

    Page 18 is for Associate Degrees. I am using the College mathematics clep in order to fill up a gen ed requirement for the B.S. In General Business. The Degree requirements state that the excess of credits left can be filled by math sciences or history blah blah.
    I have "Taken Class" next to college algrebra... that means I took the class already.
    Same thing with college comp.. I took the class.
  8. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member

    Page 37 for that excess gen ed for the math.
  9. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    I thought

    CLEP College Composition 3 Taken Class

    meant you were going to take the CLEP exam and your preparation had been already been accomplished by taking a class.

    So you're not going to take that CLEP Composition ?
    It's a little confusing.
  10. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member


    I guess it does look confusing. yeah I took english comp 101 at a suny community college.

    sorry about that
  11. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    Here is another tip on cheap textbooks. If you shop ebay, Amazon and some of the other online textbook sources for the best price on a used textbook, you can often sell it again on Amazon for the same price you paid. I have even made money on a couple. I do most of my buying and all of my selling on Amazon, that way I can use the credit from one sold book to buy another.

    If you do the above, you should not mark your books because it lowers the value. That's a habit I've had to break myself of.
  12. agschmidt

    agschmidt New Member

    re: textbooks - if you have a .edu email address, you qualify for free Amazon Prime. This means free two-day shipping on anything from Amazon. I recommend everyone sign up for it if you have a .edu address.

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