My first year at WNMU in the MAIS Program

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  1. sumtuck

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    Thanks Psydoc! Did you have teaching experience prior to completing the degree? How did you like the program? Were the classes challenging.
  2. Psydoc

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    Prior to completing the MAIS I completed a Masters in Psychology and had 20 years adjunct teaching experience in that field. I loved the program (English/Writing), with the exception of the thesis. I think the instructors are simply over-run with students and the thesis responsibility is simply too much. That may be the reason the thesis option is no longer offered. The classes are challenging, there is a LOT of writing in the English/Writing option (go figure) and, from what I am told, also in the History/Political science options. I hope this helps.
  3. mattbrent

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    I did NOT do a thesis, though I seriously wish I had. A colleague of mine from the program did a thesis. Her concentrations, like mine, were History and PolySci. Her thesis was solely in History, though. From what I gathered from her, it was challenging, but I don't think it was any different than completing a thesis at any other school. I know when I inquired into it, they wanted you to have at least a 100 page document. That probably varies, as I know some schools simply want a 30-40 page article that's fit for publication.

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    Psydoc, It's good to know that the MAIS paid off for you. I am hoping to work in a community college, as well, when I graduate in May with concentrations in History/English.

    I am currently working on a history thesis, and while it hasn't been a nightmare (yet), I'm not sure if the project is going to come into fruition or not. Let it suffice to say that completing a thesis without ongoing face-to-face support and input is difficult. Honestly, I am considering just completing a comp. question because it will be so much easier.
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    I am also looking at the History/Poli Sci program. I just got my "acceptance letter" last week...I am not sure if anyone actually gets rejected... LOL... anyhoo, As only my friends here will understand, I am looking at entering the program there just out of shear personal desire to learn more about both politics and history. I do not necessarily expect to ever use it but it will be nice to have that in the repertoire of education... With that, right now they only have the schedule posted through the summer... It would be nice to know the schedule at least through the Spring of 2014... Anyone else out there with any personal experience in those areas???
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    Found this old thread... funny because I DID get hired full-time by the community college and I DID go back to pick up English credits. I have 12 down and am set to finish my last six this summer. Teaching Composition and Greek Tragedy. I’m looking forward to it!

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