My entire family is in school

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  1. TCord1964

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    I'm enrolling at Excelsior, my wife is studying with Penn Foster Career School, my youngest son and my daughter-in-law are studying at Ashworth High School and my oldest son recently started studying at the local community college. Yes, I'm paying for everything out of pocket. However, Excelsior, PFC and Ashworth are all great deals, and the community college is only about $87 per credit hour. The tuition for the entire summer semester at the CC is only about $500, plus I purchased the books on Amazon and If a family of five can all attend school at the same time and not go broke, just about anybody can do it!
  2. SurfDoctor

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    That is amazing. You have got to be a fiscal genius to pull that off. Kudos to you and your family for improving your minds without ruining your bank account.
  3. b4cz28

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    I am glad to see you are moving forward. How is your wife?
  4. Koolcypher

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    Wow! Congratulations!
  5. Cyber

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    Can I join your family please? just kidding....
    What you're doing is amazing and very commendable. Congrats! Wishing you continued success, and "more grease to your elbows."

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