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    I am starting my Eastern New Mexico University MBA on January 19, 2015, and I intend to document my journey on this thread. My aim is to provide information to others who would want to know how the program runs, its test/exam formats, and other pertinent information that can help others make decision about attending ENMU or not...

    I earned a BSBA degree from Thomas Edison State College (TESC) last year and applied to ENMU even before my final TESC transcript (indicating a degree has been awarded) was conferred. ENMU requested for and evaluated all my individual transcripts (ACE, Straighterline, Penn Foster, foreign credits evaluated by ECE, Saylor, and TESC). I was offered provisional admission pending receipt of a final transcript from TESC that indicates that I was indeed awarded the BSBA degree I claimed in my application. Though I was offered full admission upon receipt of my final transcript, I had to wait for the next session (Spring 2015) before I start.

    At a point (during the waiting process) I wrote to an ENMU MBA advisor, requesting to know how students are assessed as there seems to be no information regarding how online students are assessed. According to a response I got:

    We don’t follow a standard format for all the classes. The format, requirements, and components of each course will differ and depend on the professor teaching the class as they each bring in their own perspective and teaching style. You should expect a combination of assignments, discussions, papers, and exams in the classes. Some instructors do require proctors for exams. Classes that are offered on campus are recorded and these recordings are made available to online students. Some faculty members may require videoconferencing, and these are scheduled in the evenings. The classes are administered through a learning management system (BlackBoard currently) which is used as a repository for the class, for submitting assignments, as well as a communication medium.

    When it comes to tuition, I find ENMU very affordable as I am paying in-state tuition rate of $221.26 per credit hour for graduates. "More than six hours per semester requires out-of-state tuition for nonresidents." Below is a breakdown of what I am paying for this term.

    Spring Student Fees Mandatory ----- $448.20
    Resident Tuition - Spg (PT) ------- $879.36 (Am paying $221.26 -maybe less- per credit if I take not more than 6 credits)
    Online Course Fee ------------- $60.00 (This covers the additional charge of $10.00 per credit hour for on-line classes.)
    Total Charges for 6 credits including Spring Student fees: ---------------------$1,387.56

    I have enrolled in BUS 518 P 1WW Managerial Research Analysis and MGT 513 P 1WW Organization Behavior/MGT Thry and can't wait to start. For an Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accredited program which costs less that $6,000, I think ENMU MBA will meet my educational needs without necessarily breaking the bank. :arms:
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    Classes have started and I must say that I am really enjoying it. So far, I have completed 2 chapter quizzes and a two page paper in the first week. I scored 37/41 and 37/40 in both quizzes.

    The two classes I registered for - Organization Behavior and Management Theory (BUS 513) and Managerial Research Analysis (BUS 518) run from January 19 to April 28 and 30 respectively. There is enough time for me to read the assigned chapters, participate in live classes or watch recorded lectures before assignment deadline. For example, the first week assignment (BUS 518) is due February 3, but I was able to complete all required chapter readings, chapter quizzes, and written paper by January 25.

    In BUS 513, there are a total of:

    6 Discussion Board Assignments @ 20 points each = 120
    Chapter Review Essays (14 Essays @ 20 points each) =280

    Research Project

    i) Problem Statement and Organizational Description = 50 points
    ii)Annotated Bibliography =100 points
    iii) Research Paper = 250 points

    i) Midterm = 100 points
    ii) Final 100 points

    Total Points possible = 1000

    On the other hand, BUS 518 (Managerial Research Analysis) requires us to complete:

    A. Chapter quizzes 1-7 (40 points each) 280

    B. Discussion Boards 2 (50 points each) 100

    B. Homework Assignments 2-6 (50 points each) 300

    C. Assignment 7 – Research Proposal 200

    D. Theory Examination 120

    Total Points Possible 1,000

    Though assignments and exams (as far as these two classes are concerned) are not proctored, quizzed and exams are timed. On the average, we will have a week to turn in assignments.
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    Thank you so much for starting this thread! I have been looking into enrolling at ENMU for some time now as I complete my bachelor degree. Their MBA program is the one that caught my eye. I was initially drawn to them due to the low cost. I am familiar with online classes so that is no problem. The one thing I cant seem to find is the GPA necessary to be eligible to enroll in the program. I assume it is probably around a 2.75, butI can not seem to find that info anywhere. I will be following your periodic posts.
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    Page 31 of the Graduate Catalogue at contains information about the GPA requirement. My GPA was calculated from all transcripts (from previous studies) I submitted. These were transcripts from Penn Foster College, foreign university credits evaluation, Straighterline, Saylor, Aleks, and other graded ACE recommended courses. I met the 3.0 GPA requirements and as such the GMAT/GRE requirement was waived. Those who have less than a 3.0 would have to fulfil the GMAT/GRE requirement it seems.
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    I know this thread is a bit old now but if you can, please add more details for this program since am assuming your all done already. I plan on attending the same MBA program online. But getting all the details before would be great!
    Also, any post graduation feedback like difference in job market/ salary with this specific degree? Any negative remarks?

    Thank you and much appreciated,


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